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baby corn snakes
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    Have 25 eggs started hatching yesterday. Father is snow mother is Amel. Will be keeping hold until they have had at least 2 feeds. Please PM with any interest. Will get some pics on later. Thanks Ian
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    Baby carolina corn snakes, feeding well and all done their firsty shed. Are available once they have had 3 feeds. 10 available now. Nearly all been sexed. All used to handling. Various different shades. £15.00 each
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    24 Babies in total, 4 months old, 3 different colour combinations, will sell seperately or altogether, message me for more info
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    Hello all. I have several clutches of corn snake eggs that have hatched now. and are ready to go to good homes. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Clutch 1, from Normal female (het amel, anery) x Amel male (het anery) Normal's £15, Amel's £20, Anery's £20...
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    I have a clutch of Anery Motley, Anery Motley/Stripe and Anery Stripe for sale. There are also a couple of Ghosts in this as well. They hatched at the end of last month. All snakes will have had at least 6 feeds before they are sold and will come with feeding charts and a care sheet. If...
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    what kind of corn snake is this and what kind of pattern does it have? also does it look healthy? underweight? or good? it's is pretty crazy and energetic and eating small pinkys but i'm wondering if i should up the food and get maybe larger pinkies? i'm new to owning snakes. i have already read...
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    as title says, 3 babys for sale all are un sexed at the moment. all have shed and are due there fourth feed today. growing fast and well, pics below of the 3 babys (numbers in the pics if your interested) also a picture of the mum and dad. number2 number3 number4 mum dad(deep in blue)
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    have some eggs that should be hatching in a couple of weeks so I need to find homes. how old do they have to be before I can rehome?
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    baby corn snakes for sale 12 weeks old pm for details i am in ilkeston derbyshire
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    i require all your baby corn snakes please, no daft prices either, will buy all your babies today. thanks please call 07984800802
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    hello people here i have 4 stunning baby corn snakes for sale all eatten and pooing good have healthy sheds one snake's had 9 feeds other 3 have had 8 feeds but other 3 getting fed later today only had the one mouse left lastnight when fedding ... 2 amel £20 2 carolina £15 one that...
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    im selling baby corns Amels and Normals £10 or 2 for £15 or anerys £15 or 2 for £25. i have a baby Anery Motley £20. All have eaten many feeds and have shred.
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    Hiya, I have a fiew different Snakes for sale if anyone is interested. 8xAssorted Corn Snakes (Mainly Aztec Morphs) -£40 each Please Email me on or pm me on here for more details. The above are also available for viewing at my new shop.. The Animal Cove 622 Bristol Road...
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    Hi Guys And Girls, We have just bought are first corn snake 7weeks old. He seems fine we feed him for the first time last fri and no probs there. He seems happy and we are handling him about 15 mins a day apart from when he has had his pinki we leave him for 2 days.. What i want to know do i...
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    I have some 2011 corn snakes for sale that hatched in June and July. Carolina £20 Amel £25 Sunburst £30 Photos are in my album Contact for more details.
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    I have 4 available Mother was a dwarf corn snake (ratsnake) Father okeetee corn snake makes a beautiful combination Due to the Dwarf these snakes are smaller than normal corns, perfect for Snake Newbies or anyone looking for something smaller. I can send photos to anyone interested via...
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    Hi All. : victory: In a previuos post, i expressed my desire to own a baby corn snake! Ive been trying to google & search for specific info on everything i need to know about them, but cant find anything that tells me all i feel i need to know. I want to know about housing, lighting, heating...
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    Beautiful Baby corns snakes for sale, snows, amels and anerys some ready now (have shed and feed twice) the rest will be ready over the next few weeks £15 each or £25 for two pm me for details St Austell, Cornwall
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    hi i have for sell 9 corn snakes i have 7 males and 2 females i am asking for 25 pound each or i can do 2 pairs for 40 pounds my pound sign isnt working so apologes for the pounds lol thankyou for looking if you need any more pics give me a shout and il get them up for you all the...
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    Amel - £25 Normal - £25 High white amel - £35 Anery - £40 Snow - £40 Amel striped - £45 If interested contact me by mail or on 07539648372:2thumb:
1-20 of 30 Results