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baby fish
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  1. Fish Keeping
    i have about 30 guppy fry and iv had them for 5 weeks and they are still quite small, i have been feeding them spirulina powder, egg yolk and tropical flakes and the temp is around 28-29'c and i do 25% water changes every 3 days, i have just ordered freeze dried blood worm and decapsulised brine...
  2. Fish Keeping
    One of my swordtail's gave birth to about 40 babies today, this is the first time ive had baby fish and they seem to be really still, is this normal? They are in a net inside my main tank as i have no room for another tank atm. Here are some of the babies :flrt:
  3. Fish Keeping
    Please help I have three gold fish. I have had goldfish for many years, but over two year ago one died so i replaced it with two more goldfish. Over the last few days the water has become dirty, like a white milky mist. I changed the water and it was fine for a few hours. the whent misty...
1-3 of 3 Results