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    I have two Female Banana Ball Pythons for sale. Approx 11 months old 300-350g. Both feeding on defrost rat pups. £325 each or would take £550 for the pair. Pick up is from Stoke on Trent or courier at buyers expense.
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    Hi guys, i was just wondering if anybody knew how much these guys go for and if anyone is selling them at donny or any were else. kind regards cam:2thumb:
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    A beautiful, calm non aggressive or shown any type of aggression or hostility never stresses out when handling always calm gentle nevr wants to just runf off and be left alone so can be handled for long periods with no signs of stress he is Fantastic strike feeding mouse munching and tbh one of...
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    Hi, I have for sale two nice Lemon Blasts 50% poss het Orange ghost,bred by myself. 1 male & 1 female available. Breeding was: Sire:Emporer Pin het Orange ghost (bred by Jamie Swords) Dam:Normal Both were hatched on 3/9/14 and are well established and strike feeding consistently on...
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    yellow belly ball python. female 868g typical ball python behavior very tame. eats well. contact [email protected] text 07767122406
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    TC Pythons All our animals come from reputable breeders from within the UK and the US no bargain basement animals. Captive, quality, affordable. Pictures of parents Normal aka MATILDA ♀ CB06. 11 egg clutch (always has big clutches weighed 2.5kg before brumation, went up to 3.5kg+ and dropped...
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    Evening guys, about 6 weeks ago i bought a butter bee ball python set him up the same as i did my other royal and he has been doing awesome feeding, pooing and had a complete shed as well however on Monday i noticed he kept tilting his head to the side slightly but didn't think to much of it. So...
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    CB13 Male Mojave currently weighing 372g. Eating small weaners. £100 ono CB12 Male Cinnamon currently weighing 626g. Eating small rats. £90 ono. Collection From Horsham West Sussex. (RH13)
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    Due to change in circumstance I'm having to sell up as I have to move. £900 for the lot, I may split but I would prefer to sell as a lot. All strike feed on rats unless otherwise stated. I can offer free delivery to most of England. Quick sale wanted so I'm happy to listen to offers. Females 2...
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    Full equipment set up including rack, incubator, bowls, hygrometers, thermometers, thermostats, substrate, tongs. 9 Adult females (all standard morph) 1 Adult male mojave 1 Adult male spinnerblast (proven) Would like to sell as a lot, so please don't ask me if I will sell you the rack! All...
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    Hey I have a orange ghost male ball python, a normal female 100% het pied And a pair of amel get butter corns I'm wanting to swap them for any king snakes, rat snakes, corns, hognoses, false water cobra's or any rear fanged species Thanks Joel
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    Hi I have a cb13 100% het pied female ball python for sale or swap I'm either wanting £100 for her or willing to swap for corn morhps, leopard gecko morphs, ball python morhs or a cheap snake rack or part ex for owt Also I have a male orange ghost cb13 I'm wanting £250 for him or willing to swap...
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    Does any one know how to sterilize wood so that i can put it in my BP's enclosure?
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    im rehoming a 5ft 2kg ball python and need to basically buy a complete set up for him, would someone be able to give a COMPLETE list of everything i need? as im getting very confused over what heat lamp i need to get planning on ordering everything from surrey pet supplies so links will...
1-14 of 15 Results