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    I received by courier a ball python that I bought off a breeder, I also plan to breed her. She is only 1 year old. However when she arrived with me she had a very red and bloody nose, I suspected it was due to the long journey that she began rubbing it. I still booked a vets appointment the same...
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    Hi, I want to get a snake and I have done my research and asked a lot of questions here too.However I have another question about the behaviour of the snake.I have seen that when you get your ball python out.Sometime it will explore and others will just sit still like they are dead.However boas...
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    If a ball python has been feeding all it's life on frozen.Can it suddenly only accept live.Because I want to buy a ball python that the owner sais that it feeds on frozen all the time but i am concerned that it can at ant time go on a feeding strike and switch to only wanting live.Is that true?
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    Here is a list of Royals I currently have for sale - 1.0 Coral Glow cb15 £175 1.0 Coral Glow Spider cb15 £225 1.0 Mystic Coral Glow cb15 £275 1.0 Banana cb14 £225 1.0 Black Pastel Spider Ghost cb14 £175 0.1 Cinnamon Spider Ghost cb14 £175 1.0 Firefly cb13 £115 1.0 Bamboo Spider cb16 £1450...
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    This might be a silly or weird question but i'm asking anyway. So far my snake has only been eating live food. But i really want to make him eat thawed since its since it's safer and easier for me. So far no good results has come out of it. He seems a bit interested but then just ignores it like...
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    .JBSReptiles. For Sale. Species: Python Regius / Royal Python. Morph: Albino. D.O.B: CB 2012. Weight: 2.24 KG. Sex: Male. Guaranteed. Price: £375 (Quite Firm) Payment Plans Considered But Not Without An Immediate £100 Deposit. (Will Listen To Genuine Offers). Courier Available via...
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    Hi selling some of my collection of ball pythons boas and a 6l rack they are all eating and in good health shedding and toilet fine. Selling due to getting on the house ladder. I have. Ball pythons F/Cb13 Fire £120 885g M/cb11 bumblebee ££90 was told het pied not proven. 1454g m/Cb12medium pied...
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    Hey guys, I have a ball python and the humidity is a bit low. its 41% on the hotspot side and 53% on the cooler side. the water bowl is on this side so i assume that's why it is higher. this seems to low for me. what ways are there that I increase the temp? it is a wooden viv with the glass...
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    JBS Reptiles For Sale: Species: Python Regius / Royal Python. D.O.B: CB14. Gender: Male. Guaranteed. Current Weight Empty: 512Grams. Price: £200 Courier Available At Your Cost Or Pick Up From Clacton-On-Sea. Essex. Great Snake Just Does'nt Fit In With Breeding Plans £50 Deposit To Hold. 100%...
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    Hey, I had plans tnt to chill on my sofa and watch Champion's league. These ladies had different plans :
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    My two new yellow bellied pair that I just swapped this morning! Great little things :2thumb: Enjoy!!
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    male nuclear pinstripe grown on over 300g £400 best i can do with pics as sold me light tent due to selling up.
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    Hey guys, New to the forums. Just curious on what websites you would recommend for purchasing a first snake. Looking for a ball python. Obviously before I purchase I want to make sure it is feeding and shedding etc. Just want some input. There aren't any decent reptile stores where I am. There...
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    Hi, Would like to try pair my Albino boy up this season so am looking for a female Albino BP. Must be of breeding age/size. Will consider multi gene pending price. Happy to travel a reasonable distance or use courier. Message me details if have a girl available. Thanks!
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    :snake: hello im about to buy my first ball python and I saw a CB Royal Python (CB12) MALE @ 250g does this weight seem correct ? and what size do you guys think this will be. Thanks
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    Hey, looking for some large Hides suitable for my adult BPs. Need around 6 so hoping to get a deal rather than purchasing from store. Please send me a message if you have something suitable. Thanks!
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    For sale i have this lovely little cb14 female bumblebee het albino royal/ball python Bred by me her dad is a wannabee het albino and her mum is a pastel het albino both purchased from crystal palace reptiles both parents can be seen on request this little lady hatched on the 18.07.14 weighing...
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    hi im after buying a banana ball python not fussed about sex i love the animal it was just way out of reach but as they are a little more affordable now i am willing to listen to people and hopefully buy one thanks jack :gasp::welcome:
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    females Enchi champagne 900g £700 Mystic 1600g £550 Calico pastel high white amir 1380g £800 Lesser yb 1550g £650 Males breeder male banana 2nd generation cost 12k £1150 lesser yb proven £400 1888g mocha £150 900g
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    Selling my grown on nuclear male,fire,butter,spidder,pinstripe,from mike willbanks line,massive potential,