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    I have a pairing with a banana bumblebee x cinnamon banana enchi mohave, im pretty sure ive hit a few super banana combos, maybe an all gene animal, this is one of them, they are all females, will post the rest, please help!! Thanks
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    DOB: 13/07/2020, 107g, eating defrosted and warmed small mice. Great little snake doping everything he should. From a male banana het pied x female dinker.
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    Sad sale. Need the money. All snakes are in perfect health and feeding on frozen/thawed rats. I can also provide a number of frozen rats with each snake, free of charge. Buyer can collect or can arrange a courier which they must pay for. I'm just outside of Croydon, Surrey. CR0. I can't...
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    Late cb19 banana poss het pied female. Pairing was banana x pied Smashing rat pups, sheds and poops as should. All round great little snake. £325ono Collection or courier welcome.
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    2014 Male Banana Royal Python, Proven, 793g, in great condition and doing everything he should. No longer needed for my breeding plans. £150
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    Cb18 Male banana pied. Nice medium white boy. Does all he should, can be a little shirty but he’s a baby. Asking £500ono Possible trades/px for burms Collection hastings Courier welcome.
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    I have up for sale my female banana cinnamon, does everything she should and fine with being handled. £400ono In trade would only be interested in adult female morphs or a super cinnamon or super black pastel male or female any age/size
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    Male Banana Pinstripes. 3 Available Doing all they should, very good feeders, have had 10+ consecutive feeds and always eager. £180 Or very near offer. Collection Welcome from Warwick, CV34 Or Courier at buyers expense.
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    1.0 cb18 pastel banana - £150 1.0 cb18 lemon blast poss het enchi - £150 0.1 cb18 pastel enchi - £125 1.0 cb18 normal - £30 Bulk deal available. All doing as they should. Can collect from Donny and can courier if needed
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    I have a number of royal pythons for sale: First up; Adult female pied weighing 1.4kg, she is proven and a stunning specimen. Eats multis and rats - £600 Adult female Vanilla Cream - 5 years old and also proven. She weighs 1.5kg and can be a fussy feeder. Eats multis and rats but have had to...
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    Produced from banana bumblebee male x pied female. Hatched June 1.0 banana 100% het pied. £250 1.0 banana pastel 100% het pied. £335 0.1 bumblebee 100% het pied. £140 0.1 normal 100% het pied. £40 Collection in Newcastle preferred but delivery via courier is fine if paid for by buyer. Any...
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    Hey guys, hope everyone is having an excellent weekend. Just wanted to throw out a quick query to see what people may know. Having a browse through lists of different Herps and stumbled across Ungaliophis Continentalis and Ungaliophis Panamensis, sometimes known as Bromeliad Boas or Banana Boas...
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    Cb17 female banana (poss pastel) Smashing defrosted rats every 7 days. 630g £380 Can bring to Donny in June (deposit required).
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    Proven Male Banana Pinstripe, excellent to handle, doing all he should £160. Het Albino Poss Het Pied Male, can be viv defensive but fine once out. Doing all he should, £30. Collection from Warwick CV34 or courier at buyers expense.
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    CB15 Banana Enchi Male Royal for sale - 700g - £175 Ready to breed.
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    Banana Het Clown Proven Male. Wouldn’t keep still so a few pics whilst holding him. Strike feeds on defrost mice. 900 grams. £450 Ono
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    CB15 Banana Enchi Male Royal for sale - 700g - £250 Ready to breed. Thanks Alex
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    CB 17 Male Nana Cinny 100 gms+ Strike feed on d/f rat fluff/small weaner Collection or courier from Gosport Hants.
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    Male Banana Lesser Pastel d/f rat fluffs £225 Female Lithium d/f rat fluffs £70 Male Cinny d/f med/lrg mice £40 Female Pewter d/f rat fluffs £70 collection or courier Gosport Hants.
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    0.1 cb'17 Banana Cinnamon - Stunning girl smashing food every 5 days. only available due to a change of direction in breeding plans. bit of an attitude on her but she calms quick. Weighed in at 386g two weeks ago, empty. She will be knocking at 400g by now. £550 - Short plan may be possible...
1-20 of 210 Results