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barking gecko
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    Young captive bred Underwoodisaurus milii ( Barking Gecko's ) now available. Not seen that often now days for sale, these are a wonderful species that are quite easy to keep, they are an active nocturnal gecko but also great to observe during the day at times,,, a thoroughly underrated Gecko...
  2. Lizards
    A couple of weeks ago, my Australian Barking Gecko went off of his food, followed by the first bad shed he's had since I've had him. I tried him on different foods but the only thing he'd eat were crickets which he then regurgitated. He also developed a lump under his chin/on his throat. This...
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    Hi, I have for sale 3 male Australian barking geckos (U.milii) that were captive bred by myself last year. Born between July and August. One has the hypo gene like its father. Not seen many for sale this year. Would add a fresh bloodline to any current or future breeding projects. Asking for...
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    Nephrurus milii Approx 10 weeks old. Feeding well and doing all they should. These are beautiful little geckos which are fast becoming popular. £39 or two for £68
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    Hi, I have for sale 3 Australian barking geckos (U.milii) that were captive bred by myself this year. Two are just over 3 months old and the third is 3 months old. All are being sold as unsexed as it isn't possible until after 6 months. One has the hypo gene like its father. Not seen many for...
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    Hi, For sale are my breeding pair of Australian barking geckos (U. milii) (formerly N. milii). They are just over 3yrs old and have produced offspring this year (pics below). Male has the hypo gene. They will soon be ready to begin cooling for breeding again next year. Female has been fed...
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    Hope everyone is well. I'm after some advice regarding underwoodisaurus milii (barking geckos) I've been doing some reading up and was quite sure I was at a basic level looking at a dry setup that would be fine for a wooden viv. I've read some caresheets that mention moist hides and keeping...
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    I have 2 barking geckos for sale perfect condition any pics please ask :)
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    I have 3 x adult male Barking Geckos (Underwoodisaurus milii) for sale. £40 each. PM me for more info if interested. Based in Glastonbury, Somerset. Thanks, Simon.
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    Here's Billy, my little barking gecko. Cool little thing. Very similar to keep as a leo. Makes some funky sounds when he's angry
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    We have 2 x Barking Geckos (Underwoodisaurus milii) for sale. £70 each. Both are CB 2013 from unrelated parents. They are both eating well on mealworms and crickets. Barking Gecko #1. Male. CB 2013. Hatched 10th May 2013. Barking Gecko #2. Unsexed. CB 2013. Hatched 2nd August 2013. PM...
  12. Lizards
    Are mealworms safe for my barking gecko's? I have been feeding crickets to my n.milli since i've had them and wondered if I could feed mealworms? I have kept leo's that ate alot of mealies but have heard stories of the hard chitin (exoskeleton) being a problem for even leo's to digest, hence...
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    I have this cracking male Barking Gecko forsale. He is in perfect condition and health. Loves his roaches/crickets. He can be collected from me at home or at the coming Kidderminster show(small deposit will hold) or if you can't wait that long there are reputable couriers on here.
  14. Lizard Pictures
    As this is the first time i've bred these guys i've never seen a baby......until i looked in the bator this cute are these little guys?? Just waiting for the sibling to hatch now:2thumb: I've marked it as Nephrurus milii but i've heard on the bongo drums from across the...
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    This lil fella just came back from Hamm this morning CB 2011 Male. Looking for £70 collection or you can arrange a reptile courier. Uploaded with
  16. Lizards
    Can anyone possibly collect some barking gecko's from Hamm in March for me? I am desperately trying to get hold of some barking gecko's (Nephurus Milii) but can't find any available in the UK at the moment. I know Hamm is coming up and to have some from there would be awesome but I have no idea...
  17. Habitat
    As title says rocks or bark? Which is best for a naturalistic setup where Nephurus Milii are being kept? Please add your opinion while thinking about their natural habitat. Trying to recreate it as closely as possible...
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    I am currently looking at getting some barking gecko's and would love to see and hear what vivarium setup suits these little gecko's. I was planning to get a 60x45x45 exo terra which from what i've read online should comfortably house a pair or trio. How should I then kit this out? Any...
  19. Habitat
    Looking to see what natural vivarium designs people have come up with for barking geckos (nephurus milii). I am looking at getting some and want some ideas for natural viv designs. Any images or links would be much appreciated.
1-19 of 26 Results