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  1. Snakes was cat caught, in early rigor and I was tempted to freeze it for my Ridley's :D Does anyone know what feeder species are closest, nutritionally, to bats?
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    Male Egyptian Fruit Bat Me & my dad have kept fruit bats for many years now, a few months back saw an ad for a single bat for sale After explaining to the person advertising it that they should never be kept alone, I soon found he had bought it from a pet shop that had been selling them The...
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    hi all i have a new bat baton for sale asking £55
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    the following are all ACTUALLY in stock to view in our shop 7 days per week. Exotic mammals Asian palm civet £495 Baby raccoon dogs £399 Baby silver foxes £399 Prairie dogs £350 pair Richardson ground squirrels £200 pair Sugar gliders £250 pair 2 baby tame sugar gliders £199 each Flying...
  5. Introductions
    Hi everyone. Just joined the forum because im looking for some info on keeping fruit bats. I really want a pet bat, they are awesome animals!! Does anyone have them or know anyone that does? Any info would be great!! Cheers Charlotte
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    Hello! After A LOT of research I have finally decided to get another bat (I owned a wild one that I cared for for 4months after the neighbours cat took half her wing off). I am highly interested in the fruit bat species but may settle for another breed since I think there gorgeous animals. I'm...
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    3 Gothic Style Belly bars £4 each. All are Brand New and unused. Sorry the pictures are not brilliant Postage 41p per bar and a further 74p if you would like recorded. Paypal - postal order or cash on pick up whichever suits ;)
  8. Wildlife
    Think the focus was just slightly better in second, but first has his little face :p.
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    Hello! Bit of a hopeful request, but anyway........I'm looking to get one or two second hand bat detectors - I work at a volunteer run nature reserve and as such funds are tight, but a couple of detectors would be great to take people out for bat walks. Anyone here have any they don't use...
  10. Exotic Mammals
    I have been watching a pair or 3 bats outside my living room window for last 30mins. What type of bat would it be ? What do they feed. Can i feed it something if i hang it out of my window ?
1-10 of 11 Results