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bath time
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  1. Lizards
    Don't know if it is natural for them, but Rico is one of the difficult ones.. doesn't like the water I put in his viv for soaking himself in, will try to have a bite if the fingers if we try to bathe him and goes mental what we mist his viv. Is it natural or do I have a scarred lizard because...
  2. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hi all, I have a male horsfield who is 2 and a half years old and when I got him about 6 months back he was origionally in a viv, but I made him a lovely big tortoise table which he's been in for just under 6 months. Now here's the problem - I've had no luck with him 'Getting to know me' or...
  3. Lizard Pictures
    OK, so I spend most of my time in the Snake section and thought it was about time I posted some photo's of my Bearded Dragon (the only Lizard I keep at present :blush:) He's Rocco having a bath, hope you enjoy. And finally, drying off afterwards :2thumb:
  4. Lizards
    I bath my beardie 3 times a week for 15 mins at a time and was just wondering how long every one else baths there's for longer or shorter?
  5. Lizards
    I have 2 bearded dragons and there 4 months old at the moment I was just wondering what I should give them there first bath? My dad seems to think not untill there older but your the experts
  6. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hello Guys new to the tortoise world so please be gentle. I have seen in a few of the photo threads about Leopard tortoises that people bath them, is this usual practice? Is there a reason why this would be done? - someone made a comment about it relating to being fed dandelion? I have only...
  7. Lizard Pictures
    decided to give the lizards a bath today and thought i'd show you a few piccies that i took enjoy!: victory:
1-7 of 7 Results