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    Looking to get my hands on a lovely little boa, preferably male (but not vital), preferably a BCC, but a BCI isn't a problem. Needs to be a good feeder, strike feeding, well handled, all the usual stuff! Any age considered, preferably an 09, possibly a 10. Info, pics and prices please. I...
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    Morning guys and girls! I'm looking for another boa, preferably a BCC, but I'd definitely look at a BCI, or BCC X BCI. Needs to be a good feeder, good shedder, and poo like a trooper too! Pics and prices too please! I can drive, and would be willing to do so for the right animal. Cheers, Andy...
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    What's the difference between BCC & BCI???
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    loads of new bits in recently. thought id share some pics and see if we can interest you in any of these bits. 12 week payment plans available on all of the below first we will start with a few possible super ghosts. i hand picked these out as the most likely to be supers. if your into your...
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    i have for sale my male 09 bcc he has never shown any kind of agression towards anyone not even a little hiss great feeder on large mice/small rat weaners sheds and poops fine prob bout 2ft long has some nice salmon colours in him down his sides lookin for £60 for this lovely chap...
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    Alright! so i will be picking up a male BCI near the end of november :mf_dribble: so i would just liek too know i am getting him as a baby and may i be able to put it in a 3ft viv? as it would save me alot of time and money :) also i would like to see some photos of your male BCI's! :D size...
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    Looking for a young bcc preferably, will also be interested in a bci.
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    Looking at buying a boa, preferably a red tail but would also be interested in BCIs. Live in London and can collect within London, however cannot collect else where (No car, nor time to travel). Would possibly be willing to pay for courier if very interested. Looking for a young/ juvenile...
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    i have a common boa at just over a year old and a little over 3 foot. is there any way of telling the sex just by looking? like any distinguishing features that are different from male to female? i have no experience in popping or probing so am not going to risk trying it with only looking on...
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    true female guyana/suriname red tailed boa for sale she is a rapid feeder, very tame, shedding in one and around 3 foot selling due to wanting a bigger female for breeding as i would have to wait 3 years or so for her. i dont know what to ask for her right now, so offers over pm. thanks
181-190 of 191 Results