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bearde dragon
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    Hi iv been looking for a bearded dragon or agana lizard for my empty viv its all ready just cant find on any help will be brillant thank you
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  3. Lizards
    HI , I am setting up my new Vivarium for a bearded dragon and just wondered if someone could give me some feedback on these temperatures, its 4ft x 2 x 2 I am using an Arcadia 100w Basking Solar Flood basking bulb and that (and the UV light) is attached to a Microclimate Evo thermostat. I...
  4. Habitat
    my bearded dragon vivarium looks a bit empty so i was wondering if it was safe to use a sand rose in it
  5. Lizards
    what reptile should i get and why?a herman or greek tortoise or bearded dragon,collared lizards or leopard geckos?or what other reptiles,amphibians would you advise me to get? new to this forum and reptiles alike. owner of 4 fire bellied toads
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    My son has two bearded dragons and has found out they are both male and one of them is showing real dominance over the other which is causing problems, no fighting at moment but the donminant one is sitting on the other one most of the time. Is anyone willing to swap a female for a male dragon...
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    can anyone explain what this brown spot on my beardie is it looks like it is watery but does not wipe off. it is just under her mouth
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    I have a 2½ year old male bearded dragon with a 3ft vivarium and all the accessories for sale. He's very placid when held and will happily act as a brooch while being walked around the house. The viv has a heat lamp and UV tube. There is also a storage box for locusts. I'm looking for offers...
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    My male beardie is hungry 24/7. He gets a breakfast bowl of a variety of fresh veggies everyday, sometimes twice a day if its a non locust day, and gut loaded locusts every other day, but he's constantly searching for food. After feeding he runs round his viv looking for more, eats his veggies...
  10. Lizards
    Hi everyone need help asap beardies are 7 weeks old but ive looked online and seen other babys much bigger then mine can you help me and see if mine are too small for there age cheers levi sutherland...
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    I'v got a bearded dragon that is around 9 months old and in the last few days he has suddenly started to smear poo around everywhere. There is always a normal looking stool and then just separate smears all around the viv. I have had him for around 6 months now and he's never done this before...
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    Silkback & Leatherback babys for sale. Silkbacks £90 Leatherbacks £40 They are all healthy, eating, pooing and are 6 weeks old. The parents are: Male Rainbow Tiger Leatherback Female: Cream Hypo Leatherback Parents can be seen in the pictures, the male has very vivid...
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    I would like to offer You Red leatherback bearded dragons. Thouse are small 2,5 months beardies from red Female and red leatherback male. Price for leatherbacks is 30 pounds for siblings 20 pounds. My phone number: 07873626413 Peter
  14. Lizards
    hi im just wondering my bearded dragon over the last 2 week seems to close one eye alot keeps the other one open, but he has been going through a full body shed, but his eyes look clear ive checked him numerous times to check and see if he shedding there or if something is in his eye but it...
  15. Lizard Classifieds
    hi just looking around not sure yet but looking at getting a second bearded dragon sub adult or adult, any sex, preferably tame just pm me with any offers if you dont mind, i dont drive so would preferably need delivering or courier or live close if i did decide to get another one, but like i...
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    These gentle beasts are from Australia but are now readily available due to their willingness to breed in captivity. Bearded Dragons make a wonderful pet for both beginners and advanced reptile keepers. Due to their docile nature and relative small size (usually 16-20 inches) they have become...
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    I have 2 bearded dragons for sale with full set-up, They are both 7 months old 1 female/1male. They are both eating well with a mixture of Livefoods(Crickets,Locusts and mealworms) and salad/veg, They are both pooing well and had no problems shedding in past(male is just shedding now). They...
  18. Newbie Advice
    need help please, i've 2 beardies due to come home next weekend, what is the best thermostat to use? have been told to use a heat mat, but i do not like them!!! any advice please:gasp:
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    Hi Guys, Just got Kenny out for his bath and noticed that one of his claws/nails the front paw/foot is broken at the base and twisted. Will this be painful? should we remove as its catching things? not sure what to do for the best, is this a matter for the vets? not sure if dragon's even...
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    hi there i am selling all my bearded dragons , there is a 4ft viv x 18 inch x 18 inch and a 3ft x 2ft x 2ft viv , there is two male and 1 female , both come with lights and logs , food bowls etc thanks for looking :welcome: would swap the lot for 4 ft tropical fish tank with stand :gasp:
1-20 of 40 Results