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bearded dragon advise
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    Hi Guys Sorry i know this is my second post of the day, i just wanna settle my nerves on this. This is Eugene 2nd day in his viv and he started doing this ... ( watch from about 23 secs in) he keeps doing it and i dont know why. Also he has like a wooden dome but it has lots of holes in it...
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    hi just purchased a vivexotic ax48 vivarium, ive seen so many cool decorations and designs. i want to create a home for my dragon so that it feels at home; and also looks amazing. could anyone direct me to any pictures of what they have done with their vivarium? its pretty hard considering i...
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    I currently have several pets/reptiles and would love bearded dragons. We are considering getting 2 babies, can anyone offer any expert hints and tips on caring for them? Thanks!
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    Hi folks hope somone can help My daughter has a Bearded dragon thats approximatly 7 years old that she has had since it was born. last few days he has gone off his legs and his eyes seem to be swelling up. Looked through the books i have and cant see anything obvious previously he was eating...
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    I am currently feeding my bearded dragon silent crickets. I was wondering if i am able to feed him mealworms if i get him small ones?? If i cant then il stick to crickets, only thing is the stupid things keep hopping out of the box and are lose in my bedroom :-( also i find it really hard to...
1-5 of 5 Results