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bearded dragon and viv
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    Dwarf bearded dragon for sale or swap for gecko he is full grown adult now he Is pooin and weein fine and sydney is funny little fella he comes with 4ft viv and i cant keep Him as i am moving away so he needs a nice home asap if anyone intrested plz contactme asap plz 07743111844
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    Hi i have 4ft viv and my little dwarf bearded dragon sydney for sale needs to go asap as i am moving and cant take him with me he is eating and pooin fine and is fully grown now
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    bearded dragon adult male (£40 on its own) bearded dragon with full set up 4ftx2ftx2ft vivarium,logs,hides,dishes and full uvb bulb and starter and ceramic heater and bulb holder £145 exo terra tank for £25ono (no heatmat) wooden viv 2ftx1ftx1ft £20 small split in the bottom hench the...
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    I have a 1-2 year old bearded dragon female and viv for sale. 12 arcadia strip bulb, spot light, plants ,rocks,and logs . need to sell due to house move and relationship breakup. She is very tame and is 18 inches long.
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    We are reluctantly having to sell our 2 bearded dragons due to a move abroad. Cookie, approx 19 months is a stunning sandfire citrus yellow male who loves cuddles. Elmo,approx 19 months is a beautiful sandfire red female who's colours and markings are very very bright.. a rare beauty for a...
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    Hi, I am looking for a young bearded dragon plus full set up, located in Cambridgeshire but willing to travel (up to approx. 50 miles). Alternatively, just decent set up and can source beardie separately. Thanks
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    Looking for a young bearded dragon plus full set up, in Cambridgeshire area, but willing to travel (up to about 50 miles). Thanks
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    I have a Bearded Dragon for sale including complete set up, also have a heat mat and heat rock that have never been used all for £100ono, brought for my autistic son and he is scared to hold her so only i hold her and its a shame she is in the viv all the time. Not sure if she/he is a boy or a...
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    I have a juvinelle bearded dragon not sure if male or female, i brought her for my son who is autistic but he is scared of her, she comes complete withh viv, lights, tempture control and clocks, dishes, logs and rocks. Also i have a heat mat and heat rock that have not been used that will come...
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    is it ok to use sand as flooring for a bearded dragon?
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    you get everything in the picture ceramic bulb log rocks bowls water fountain plants cave effect rock sidesand back habistat uvb and a awsome beardie really child friendly 2 years old about just over a ft long
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    every thing you need to breed bearded dragons plus afew extras
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    For Sale: 1yr old “Chilli-Red Blue Hypo Het Translucent Bearded Dragon” & fully set-up 4ft viv - £100 ONO. D.O.B 04.06.09, bred by KK Chameleons (papers/cert with pics of his Mum & Dad included). This male BD is a cracker; very tame & laid back. He has all his toes & tail; no digits missing...
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    2 year old bearded dragon and 4 ft by 2ft by 2ft vivarium and all light set up want £250 for the lot pm if interested cheers james
1-14 of 14 Results