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bearded dragon babies
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    We have a choice of baby bearded dragons for sale from a Scaled Sandfire mother to a Red Hypo Leatherback father. So we have some fantastic morphs and leatherbacks, and reduced scales Prices are from £45 to £120 couriers are welcome at buyers expense I have included a few photos more on...
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    CB13 Citrus x BloodRed Bearded Dragons Males & Females Prices start at £40 and range up to £70 Repxotics, 17 Town Street, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 5BE 01749 938082
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    Baby bearded dragons for sale, they are all eating (live food and veg) great and get handled daily, some nice colours and patterns. I have 19 and some are ready now and others will be in a couple weeks. Collection only. (I cannot upload pics here it says I have some already on but won't let me...
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    Hi, I am clearing out all my Bearded Dragons as to make a venture into Geckos and/or Snakes. So here I have 11 CB12 (December hatch) Bearded Dragon hatchlings, all eat well, poo fine and shed nicely. There colours come out better with every shed. Unfortunately all I can say is that some are...
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    hi all, i have 17 baby beardies to sell, all hatched mid-december, little to early to go but no harm in advertising. father is a leatherback and mother is citrus normal. eating and pooping very well, size 3 crickets and mini-morio worms, salad offered, all dusted with calcium powder. £15 per...
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    We currently have 11 baby bearded dragons, many more to come, very lively little things. Eating, pooing and growing fast. We had Approximately 60 Red phase German giant X Normal bearded dragon eggs in the incubator from multiple clutches this season so plenty more babies to hatch yet All of...
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    :notworthy:i have in total 25 baby dragons they are all eating pooing shedding well eating both live and greens also i put a bath in their viv fresh each morning which they go into each day they have all been handled i am asking £10.00 for each baby these are ready to go now 5 weeks old
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    :welcome:baby beardies for sale male and female available both parents healthy and can be seen £15 or £20 the pair, price is negotiable two reserved already tel:07703056057 :2thumb:
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    :welcome: I have 24 baby beardies ready to go in a week or so, they are all eating live food and vegetables and pooping ok and just starting their first shedding, they have all their toes and tails, and have lovely red markings as their mother is a german giant sandfire. price is £15 each, any...
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    Hi my son has just had a clutch of 20 eggs which have hatched 2 wks ago, ready end of may. All are eating very well veg n crickets, extremely lively various colour's, dad is a citrus n mum has red in clolouring (apologie's novice to this) would like to sell as another clutch due to hatch in a...
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    Fire & Ice X WDD, Hypo/Het Hypo Silkback's, Leatherbacks,& Normal Beardie Babies Hi, We have for sale some stunning little Bearded Dragon Babies, which will be ready in 3-4weeks. The Mother is a Rainbow Tiger Het Hypo Leatherback which we purchased from Where Dragons Dwell, The Father is a Hypo...
  12. Lizards
    Hi, As the title says, my beardie just laid eggs. When we first got our beardies, Alfie and Amelia, we took them to the vets for a check up to make sure they were healthy, and the vet told us we had a male and a female. For their younger months they lived together because they came together...
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    i have 3 bearded baby dragons free to good homes 1 is male according to the pet shop the others are female they are 9 weeks old.the two girls are lovely colours the boy is light grey.they are 10 inches long from nose to tail. i live in worthing and both mum and dad can be seen mum is grey and...
  14. Lizards
    I have just bought 2 baby beardies but strongly believe that they are undersize for their age how big are beardies when they hatch and how much should they have grown by 5 weeks? Thanks all Vic
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    Hi all I have a clutch of very young Silkbacks and leatherbacks hypos and het hypos that need a good home. Due to ill health its going to be a struggle to give these guys all the attention that they deserve. Like i said they are very young and i would never normally let these go at this age...
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    Nine week old bearded dragon babies. All shedding and pooing well. All eating a mixture of greens and crickets. Some lovely red markings coming out. Really friendly babies. Can sell in multiples £15 each.
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    Mum's a Citris and Dad's a Sandfire Tiger (from Sandfire Dragon Ranch U.S.A breeding, I've got papers for him). Ready to go now and some ready in a couple of weeks, £25 or £40 for a pair. Will also consider Bigger groups for petshops.
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    I have a number of baby beardies for sale. Priced at £25 each. Dad is a citrus hypo and mum is a pastel. The babies are varying in colours. Will try to attach some pics tomorrow. 8 ready to go with another 14 hatching now!
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    hi i have some baby beardies that are needing someone experienced to take them there is 2 of them and they have had mbd from hatching i need tofind some one willing to take them thanks
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    I have 27 bearded dragons for sale at £20 each or 2 for £35. They are already showing some lovely colours. Father is a German Giant/Tiger Stripe Citrus, Mum has a lot more citrus / orange colouring. They are feeding well and very alert. They will be ready to leave around 29th / 30th August but...
1-20 of 66 Results