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  1. Lizards
    Hi, I got my bearded dragon about a week ago and she's started keeping her eyes closed a lot more. I've heard that this can be due to the lighting. I have a 26W UVB coil bulb from EXO TERRA. I've heard that this might be the problem. Any advice would be great, thanks.
  2. Lizards
    I'am researching set ups for a bearded dragon that I hope to get soon and was wondering if a thermostat is necessarily needed on basking spot bulbs if you have some kind of sloping surface for them to lie on.
  3. Newbie Advice
    Hi everyone. I'm new to the site and need some advice before I spend a fortune. Recently a friend of mine said that I could possibly used a 45watt led panel in my beardies viv. I've had him 2 yrs now, and used a T8 18 watt uv bulb and a red 40 watt basking bulb. My problem is the damn basking...
  4. Lizards
    I recently purchased a power sun 160 mvb. It's been on my 55 gal bearded dragon tank for about 5 days now. My temperatures are just not staying high enough! 10 inches under the light the temp is in the low 90's. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I've been having to turn on my other heat...
  5. Lizards
    Hi guys, just wondering for a simple setup, whether this bulb would be suffice UVB & heat wise for a baby bearded dragon?
  6. Newbie Advice
    Hi everyone, Im new to the forum but I have read lots of posts over the past few weeks / months regarding looking after Bearded Dragons. I recently bought myself a Vivarium 4ft x 2ft x 2ft and have been slowly adding everything that is needed to it before I purchase my new pet. I want to...
  7. Lizards
    Recently bought a 4ft vivarium for a bearded dragon and currently setting it up, i am just wondering what wattage of light controller i will need (as there are that many) along with the tube wattage and UV percentage as i have seen a couple of controllers on ebay that seem relatively cheap but...
  8. Lizards
    I've just bought a new heat lamp for my beardie because i dropped my last one when cleaning his viv.. I read on here that i can get one from B&Q or something like that as long as its clear and a reflective bulb.. I looked all over B&Q and also homebase and a local electrical store but i couldnt...
  9. Lizards
    I'm really sorry as i'm sure this has been gone over a million times but i'm new to the forum and not sure how to search for past threads.. I've just bought a 36'' Repti Glo 10.0 UV tube for my 13 week old beardie and i'm just curious as to how far from the bottom of the viv i should have it...
  10. Lizards
    Hi i am getting a baby Beardie next week and just wanted to check a few things first, we have a 2ft by 1ft viv but having a 4ft by 2ft made over the next couple of weeks for when he's grown a little. What basking lamp do I need? I know it's a 100w bulb but is there a specific type? Do I need a...
  11. Lizards
    can anyone recommend a good lighting set up for a beared dragon? any good lamps ect? what watt heat lamp? thanks
  12. Lizards
    im just on trying to get a idea on how much everything is going to cost for me to get a bearded dragon and i was wondering how do i place the basking light and the uvb light in a wooden viv do i make a hole for a wire in the top and let it hang? do i get a lamp cage in the...
  13. Lizards
    Could someone please help? I have just bought a 3ft viv and with a basic set up kit for a bearded dragon. It came with two lights one is a uvb light bulb the other is a standard bulb. Both come with holders which can be attached to the top or side of the viv. Do they go one either side or...
  14. Lizards
    Hi guys, anyone got a product code for B&Q etc for a spotlight bulb that I can use in my bearded dragon viv, I read other posts saying there the same as the bulbs you buy at reptile shops but cheaper, I'm currently using a 100w ES pro rep bulb so if anyone can help me out with finding an...
  15. Lizards
    Hi, I have 2 7week old beaded dragons (Jekyll and Hyde). I bought them with a viv and set-up. However in the set-up is a Exo-Terra Night Glo bulb and a green spot bulb for them to bask under. Given that the dragons need UV would you advise on me changing the spot bulb to a combined UV/Basking...
  16. Habitat
    Hello I am about to purchase a Terrarium from a friend (exo terra 90x45x60) The lighting unit across the top ( exo Terra canopy) is only 60cm in length and does not fit across the full legnth of the cage, will this be a problem? Any help appreciated The set up is for a bearded dragon Luke
  17. Newbie Advice
    I wanted to know if the Exo Terra Repti Glo 10.0 COMPACT bulb 26 watt would give enough UVB/UVA for a bearded dragon. If not, what should i use for uvb/uva
  18. Lizards
    Hi im now having to buy my 3rd lightbulb for my bearded dragon in less than 2 months even though they say lasts up to 1000 hours. Just wondering what is diffrent from a standard lightbulb at the same wattage? What wattage you would use for a 3ft viv? and does there light have to be on 24hrs aday...
  19. Newbie Advice
    hi, I've got a tank that 15" wide and 47" long, what the best light to get any where from.
  20. Lizards
    Ive been offerd a Beardie and i have got everything i need except for a UV Bulb. I was going to order the 10.0 but as i read the description it stated it should be used over a canopy and my setup has no canopy i was just going to hang it close to the reflector lamp so then i thought should i...
1-20 of 20 Results