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bearded dragon pair
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    £40 for the pair. £30 each 3 years old. Very healthy and proven breeders. Only selling due to needing to cut my collection down Must go to good home with correct set up. Thanks adam.
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    Here I have the very very reluctant and very sad sale of my pair of Bearded Dragons, Dizzy and Rascal, and their home. They were bred from Shuttleworth College late August 2009 where I bought them like this at around 3 weeks September 2009: And they have sprouted into this: Two very...
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    hi i am selling my breeding pair of bearded dragons,they are 2 year old i am also selling included in the price the 12 baby dragons(8 weeks old) that i have left all in good health, in the sale you get a two tier wooden shop bought vivarium which come with door locks , climbing...
1-3 of 3 Results