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bearded dragon shedding
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    Hi, I recently purchased my 2nd bearded dragon, about 18 months old (in a separate vivarium encase you start to worry) I only noticed when he caught wind of my female across the room and his beard went black, he has just over 1/3 of his beard covered in shed, I could be completely wrong and it...
  2. Lizards
    For a beardie to shed so soon after finishing. My george is aprox 5 months old.he finished shedding just over a week ago,but hes started the tell tale signs of shedding again..hes stretching his beard,puffing his eyes..just like he did before his last couple of sheds..the shedding started about...
  3. Lizards
    Hi, I bought Perry my 5 month old leatherback morph around 3 weeks ago. He has just started to shed his head, back and stomach (he shed his tail and the bottom of his legs a week ago) I've read online about 'misting' beardies which I tried about 20 minutes ago. I've also seen that I can...
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    hey guys and gals, Spike is showing signs that he wants to shed, but he is not actually shedding. For instance there is a patch on his tail that is discolored. Is there anything we could do to assist Spike in his shedding.
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    how often do beardies shed, and how do you know if they are trying, or if they need help.
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    my bearded dragon has been shedding for over a week now... its come off all around her legs and tail but the rest of her body is still a grey dull colour and it doesn't seem to be flaking off.. I've tried bathing her but she HATES it and just goes mental although i do get her wet it doesn't seem...
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    Hi All Eugene been shedding over the last few weeks. He is on his final piece now, the big bit !!!! He's tummy back and tail , he started this morning and so far so good :) So cute he is rubbing his back off the sofa
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    My dragon is shedding! would you recommend i add damp moss into a hide to help her? :D
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    Hey guys, my little beardie Boris is about 3 and half months old now I got him when he was about 6 weeks, He has gone from 24grams to 64grams in that time frame, my only concern is that he has only shed once since I have had him? Is this unusual?
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    my 5 month old beardie has just shed but its skin has not shed on its tail. the skin is pale on its tail. do i need to do anything or will it come off in its own time?
1-10 of 10 Results