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bearded dragon

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    Hi, I am new to this forum and i am posting to get help with my 13 month old bearded dragon Pepe. he wont eat at all. he has the same amount of energy that he always does (he's a pretty lazy lizard.) and he has been pooping, so I don't think its an impaction. There are only 2 things I can...
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    Baby Draco
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    His beautiful colours
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    Locusts are friends not food
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    Hi all, Looking for some advice on travelling with my beardie, currently in UK but planning on moving to Ireland fairly soon, just looking for suggestions on best way to go about doing the major concern is the lack of heat as it will be a 5 hour car journey to the ferry port and then...
  18. Lizards
    Hi everyone, I’m fairly new to being a beardie owner and I’ve had my baby beardie, Rupert, for about 2 months now. He’s been eating both locusts and crickets alongside waxworms as treats. I was just wondering where everyone else gets their live feed from as I’m trying to find the cheapest and...
  19. Habitat
    I was wondering if there's any objections as to mixing grout and exo terra red desert sand together? or do the grout need to dry first, before applying the sand (as a last finish, we're also using pigments and stuff) with adhesive of some sort?
  20. Introductions
    Hello all. Call me Dorg Endo. Joined up after seeing this forum repeatedly show up in search results for all various reptile things. I'm quiet and reserved IRL but can be more of my true self online. I might try becoming a crazy reptile person, because apparently it is not too hard to do with...