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    Hi, looking for a baby or young juvenile bearded dragon in or near Bristol, happy to travel reasonable distance.
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    Hi everyone, I am entirely new to the forum and don't currently own a bearded dragon although I have long harboured the ambition. My intention is to build a Vivarium in my office which is next to my desk (very much looking forward to having a Bearded Dragon for company as I work from home). My...
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    hello iv had my bearded dragon 2 years now he has not grow very much iv never really given him pure calcium and calcium with multivitamins but feed him crickets and veg can i have help with when to give him pure calcium and calcium with multivitamins. and we do you heat lamp and uvb strip
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    Hi, so let me explain ive just got my first bearded dragon yesterday. she is limp and missing one back leg so i adopted her. Ive allready done my investigation towards how to take care for theese animals but i dont want to screw up. She had been living at the pet store for around a year and...
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    I'm not sure what else to call it, but my bearded dragon who is around 10 years old now, is lazy. For the past 6 months she's decided to eat only once a week, or even every other week. She sits in the sun, and then crawls off and curls up to sleep until the next day. She doesn't live in a...
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    My Bearded Dragon has recently passed away at four years of age earlier today, and being i am in the UK and have only just discovered his passing it is currently 2:50am and i have no idea what to do with my babies body, he has been in the same position for hours but now completely unresponsive...
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    Reluctantly we need to rehome our bearded dragon as we just do not have the time available for it. She eats and sheds well, and is a nice color. The viv is 4ft and has UV and heat bulb and also a habistat dimmer stat. We will include all supplements and accessories we have for it.
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    Hi new member here... The past few years I've owned a leopard gecko in a small 24 inch viv, unfortunately she passed away the other week and a small ceremony has been carried out in the garden rest her soul :( so anyway I'm looking to get myself another lovely lizard as I obviously have all...
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    Twin Bearded Dragon set up with two female Beardeds. It's in good condition and comes with the lighting as well. There are heat units on the roof of each tank for giving a lot more heat if required for other species. Never used them for the Dragons though. Don't have enough time for them now...
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    3 months ago - 8 year old female bearded dragon vomited mostly broken down squash and greens, then again but just clear liquid, she was acting completely normal otherwise so I monitored her closely. 1 month ago - she ate some cut up blue berries and regurgitated them a few minutes later took...
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    We need to re-home our male bearded dragon. He is free to a good home who can give him the love and attention that unfortunately we can't anymore. He is lovely colours and if I remember correctly was imported. He is around 6 years old and is in good health. He had an operation over a year ago...
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    Baby bearded dragons just hatched will be ready in 4 weeks once eating and grown on a bit. Many different colours available. Asking £15 each Or 2 for £25 If 10 or over are brought they'll be £10 each
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    Unfortunately we have made the decision to sell our Bearded Dragons, they don't get enough of our time or attention due to us both working shifts and with children and a baby on the way I don't want them to be neglected and they need to go to a better home. I have had them both since they were...
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    IMG_20160430_115607_zpsy5pzalru.jpg Photo by ch4dg | Photobucket Free viv, don't look amazing but will be good for an emergency or just if you need a large tall viv quickly No lights heat mats or UV equipment are included just the viv with glass doors I have a slipped disc so you we need...
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    For Sale is a home made Vivarium with or without a TV stand base. The Viv is structurally sound but there are a few cosmetic faults such as screw holes in the top and broken vents to run thermostats through etc. Picture can be requested and sent by email. The viv was built to fit perfectly on...
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    Can I get opinions on the morphs please. Parents are sandfire normal scale X red hypo trans leatherback :2thumb:
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    Looking for an adult healthy male bearded dragon Many thanks
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    WANTED: Pair of Rhinoceros Rat Snake Red/Orange/Yellow Bearded Dragons Crested Gecko Morphs Thanks, Charlotte
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    My bearded dragons toes is curling on his back feet, is this normal as they get old or is there a problem? I've noticed he's lost a nail on one of them and they have darkened in colour.
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    I have recently moved my 4 year old bearde to a larger viv as I now have a baby beardie who is in the smaller one. However, my adult beardie is not basking as often as he used to or sitting under his UV. When we put him under his basking light he may stay there for a bit but soon moves, sitting...