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    Hi I have a set of 15 bearded dragon eggs currently In the incubator at 90 days! They should of hatched around 65 days. It's moms second load as the first were infertile. Most of them still have veins and are distinctively fully formed and even moving when placed under a light. All of them have...
  2. Lizards
    My bearded dragon has been acting somewhat lethargic for the past weeks. Staying in his cave, on the coolest spot of his viv... Not eating anything if its not alive and it has a terrribad aim...
  3. Lizards
    Hi, this is really a hypothetical question. I own a sand fire red female bearded dragon, and a normal/slightly orange bearded male. (Not sure of his actual morph) My question is, if they were to breed, what would be the outcome of the babies? I just always wondered.
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    So I have been feeding locusts from the same supplier for about 3 years now and never had any problems of refusing food all my animals were on crickets but I cant stand them so swapped, but the other day I forgot to order them and so had to head over to [email protected] for some bugs which I will try and...
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    i have the following who need good homes. male royal (quite small) £15 Bosc monitor (stevie) £25 juvenile bearded dragon £15 cheers
  6. Lizard Pictures
    well my hatchling has been growing up! Shame he is in shed as his colour looks naff... hes usually a lovely bright orange/yellow and blue but well... Here is Tahunda...
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    Hi everyone I have only just signed up because I wanted to share my experience. We got a baby bearded dragon from Pets at Home about 6 months ago, we had him in a 42" viv with100w ceramic bulb and 36" 12% UV bulb. Everything was going great he was eating bugs and veg well, pooing regularly...
  8. Newbie Advice
    Hi, i have had my juvenile bearded dragon for a month now, i had her for christmas from a pet store. She has been perfectly fine with me for that time however when i tried picking her up yesterday, she would run away from me. I have also noticed that she is sleeping lots during the day. Is there...
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    For sale I have one stunning male bearded pygmy chameleon including swells 45x45x45 terrarium fully kitted out with bio active substrate and a huge amount of spring-tails that do their job! included: Arcadia D3 Compact E27 Reptile Lamp (7% UVB) 23 W Exo Terra Compact Swell Basking Heat Lamp...
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    Looking to give away my beautiful bearded dragon. I have taken on a new role which leaves me with no time to care for him. He was 1 year old as of 13th August 2014. Went through brumation with ease - eating absolutely fine now. As you can see from the picture he is healthy :) Supplemented with...
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    hi i have the following animals for rehome as all lizards i have have been rescues, some of which are still in need of a lot of attention. i am trying to cut down as i am moving overseas soon and i need to find good homes ASAP. -Bosc monitor called stevie(not that he answers to it :whistling2:)...
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    For sale i have one male r. brevicaudatus including swells 45x45x45 terrarium fully kitted out with bio active substrate and a huge amount of springtails that do their job! Along with everything you can see these items are included: Arcadia D3 Compact E27 Reptile Lamp (7% UVB) 23 W Exo Terra...
  13. Lizard Classifieds
    Hi all, I have available an adorable young male captive bred bearded pygmy chameleon. Doing everything he should and growing well on dusted crickets. Collection or courier from SM1
  14. Equipment Classifieds
    i have a new vivarium for my Rankin/ Lawson dragons now so am selling this vivarium. It comes with the uv tube and power supply, dimmer thermostat and a manual dimmer for the red night time bulb. It measures 3foot (92cm) wide , 18" (47cm) deep and 20" (52cm) high. its in good condition.
  15. Lizards
    My bearded dragon has laid 3 times now however all apart from these were infertile. These eggs are now 3 weeks old but seem to have changed to a browny/grey colour, are they bad? I'm guessing the collapsed eggs may be gone but the middle 4 are still plump and they have all grown.
  16. Rehoming Classifieds
    Hello i have been trying to sell my bearded dragon for a few months but in the last month she had a problem with an infection in her foot. She unfortunately had her foot amputated and all thats left now is her stitches need to be taken out at the end of december. I spent £380 on vet fees so...
  17. Lizard Pictures
    Hello! Here are a few photos of my animals. Terrarium and its inhabitants. Hello! Here are a few photos of my animals. Terrarium and its inhabitants. To be continued. Thank you.
  18. Lizards
    Hi my bearded dragon has something wrong with one of her feet, it seems to be very swollen. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Tia x Will try to post pictures in the thread.
  19. Lizards
    Hey guys, I been doing some reading and have seen that rankins are smaller than bearded dragons, Also says they are better to keep together than bearded dragons are. I want to get 2-3 rankins or bearded dragons but want your guys options on what you prefer and why! Also pictures of yours!! Thanks
  20. Lizard Classifieds
    Hello all I was just wondering if anyone could help! I'm not an experienced reptile keeper but my son wants a reptile or two, and I was seeing if anyone in the Cheltenham are could help or know of someone iv been told a bearded dragon or a gecko are the best lizards to start with thanks:2thumb: