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beardie babies
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    These beardies are 7 weeks old today and all happy and healthy. There are no nipped toes or tails and each one is used to being handled. They are £40 each but we can do deals on multiples so don't be afraid to ask. Baby number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 Number 5 Number 6...
  2. Lizards
    Evening, I've had a couple of posts already for advice on my new baby dragons, the responses have been really helpful & they are now both hunting & eating which is great, temps are now all spot on and they are generally happier. There is one last thing that I'm still a bit unsure of . . The...
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    Hi I live in middlesex and I am selling 4 female leatherbacks and 1 male for £45.00 each we also have 3 normal beardies 2 male and 1 female £30.00 each If anyone interested please contact me [email protected] Thanks Louise
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    I have quite alot of baby bearded dragons. Both parents are normals. These are all looking to be a normal morph. I don't really have the room or the time to look after so many. They are £25 each and I will consider bulk discount. Call me on 07787179516 Buyer pick up from my house in...
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    Sturdy little home-reared bearded dragon babies only £20 each. Collection only. Please email me for more information or to arrange to view the babies and their parents. I can supply very detailed care info, details of how to set up your vivarium, etc, and always offer "after-sales" help and...
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    I have 10 x 7 week old baby Bearded Dragons for sale, and would like to find them good homes. They have all had their first shedding and are eating live food as well as vegetables every day. They have been handled from hatching, so are very friendly and used to human contact. They have all...
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    let me no what you have up for swops or 3 beardies for £25
  8. Lizards
    I have a new born baby beardie and it has a swollen gooey eye which is closed (like conjunctivitis) just wondered if i could bathe it in salt water until i can get it to a vet??? Thanks or any ideas would e appreciated.
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    hi guys i know every1 has a story but these little guys survived where as the rest didn't. unexpected clutch of beardie eggs laid in the sand two beardies in the tank walked all over them, weren't found till i got back from work incubated them all and these three were the ones that survived, was...
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    yayyy checked incubator and i have babies hatching..wasnt expecting them for another week,,good job im organised lol...this is my 5th batch and the excitement hasnt gone lol do you ever lose the excited feeling???
  11. Lizards
    does anybody's beardie try an climb up the glass of the viv?:mf_dribble:
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    Hi, I have two clutches of beardies for sale - they are six weeks old now so almost ready to go. They are healthy, shedding and eating well. The babies are stunning colours - the mother is tangerine, from Supanova dragon ranch, Germany. The father is citrus / black. Prices vary depending on...
1-12 of 13 Results