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beardie feeding
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    hi, i have had my beardie for about 2 months now, pretty sure he is about 3-4 months old, some days he doesn't eat at all and other days he just eats maybe about 6 crickets Today he has eaten 4 crickets and then just looked away from the rest and didn't care about them at all. I chuck a dubia...
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    I have been advised by a chap that has been breeding bearded dragons for 15years that he only feeds his live food every other day, fresh greens every day. He says he does this because he doesnt like fat dragons. Personally I feel that i am depriving Pedro of his needs so I feed him every day...
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    I have a 5 year old male beardie who has stopped eating properly after his brumation he has brumated every year but this year he just won't eat properly. All temps are correct and the uv bulb is 2 months old. Please Someone give me advice. I know there are loads of you that know beardies...
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    I'm a newbie and only owned a beardie since yesterdya lunch time :2thumb: and want to know what live food i can feed to baby beardies?? I have locusts and small cricket. I did buy some mealworms but have been told that they cant have these until the beardie is at least 6 mths old, as they...
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    Hello! I've got a rescue beardie (2 yrs old) who's been on a high fat diet to get his weight up since I've had him, but he's almost there now so I'm going to have to start feeding him healthy food soon. Poor little guy won't know what's hit him! :lol2: I know which foods he needs etc, but just...
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    I bought a beardie on sunday, she is 6months old. i have run out of insects n cant get any until tomoz morning, what could i use as a meat source till the morning. i asked bout feeding her fish till then n some1 got abit funny with me, please remember im new 2 this n im still learning
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    Well as I have said in my other threads, I am picking up my baby beardie tomorrow and a 4ft viv how much should I feed it when should I and what shall I Thanks
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    for my beardie:)
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    Took my Hunter to the vet 2 months agi and it had the equivalent to a dislocated hip, the leg wouldnt sit in the joint properly. Now seems ot have fixed itself, I took over the daily feeding of the crickets/locusts/waxworms even if I am late for work and used the proper mix of calcium and...
1-9 of 9 Results