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beardie & full viv 4 sale
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    Due to down sizing I can no longer keep by collection of lovely bearded dragons in a way they deserve. I have three beardies for sale, 2 females age 2 in November (1 citrus one norm) and one male aprox age 3 (norm) They each have a personalied viv, which has UV light, heat lamp, Stats, 2 x...
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    I have for sale a 2yr old female bearded dragon with vivarium in North Yorkshire at Thirsk, YO7 post code area. The beardie has an excellent temperament and has never had any medical issues, she has very good eating patterns and has never had any problems shedding her skin when needed. She has...
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    I am selling my much loved bearded dragon as im moving and cant take him, i need him to go to a loving home asap. He is 18months old and comes with his full set up, i will accept £100 for everything. collection from higham ferrers
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    Hi I'm currently after a beardie with complete set up am looking for someone close to worcester as have sold my car so will either need it to be delivered or a friend to drive me. Please PM me or post in thread if you have one for sale. cheers, Joe
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    Hi all, I am going travelling at the end of the year and am going to slowly start to downsize my collection prior to going away. I have for sale a 3YO CB male bearded dragon, fantastic temprement, loves being handled, eating/pooing/shedding well. Loves his bugs and greens!! He comes with a...
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    2 lovely bearded dragons for sale. Price includes Viv, bulbs, timer, heat guage, food dishes etc Old enough for 80% veggie diet but still love their bugs! Love cooked squash, peas, green beans etc but especially crickets, locusts and mealworms Approx age between 12 and 18 months and a lovely...
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    have for sale a 48x24x20 viv with heat bulb, and UV tube and starter, tube isn't due to be replaced until 31 August. in good condition, being used for Fire and Ice Beardie, which is also looking for a home, has also been used for Boa in the past. can come with a colony of locusts and dubia...
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    i Have a red Leatherback bearded dragon which i got 3 weeks ago he is around 5-6 months old complete set up is included in the price will sell beardie seperate if offer is right also will do trades on what you have to offer many thanks Mark 07974950219
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    Name; Charlie Age; 1 1/2 years old Sex; Female Size; Maybe between 1.5 - 2' long Temperament; very active lizard, seems threatening when you try and get her out but really she's a panzy. She'll eat locusts like theres no tomorrow to a point where she'll try attack them before they are out of the...
1-9 of 9 Results