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beardie pics
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    I picked up Django on Friday. Not eating as still settling but heres some pics: & here's my Crestie Miss Houdini:
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    Please feel free to comment on my pics I update regularly. It's My Facebook album, easier posting link than putting pics on one by one as I take sooo many x Beardie Pics | Facebook
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    Hi Help please had a respiratory infection now recovered was very lame at time of infection anti-biotics worked a treat also gave reti boost while on anti biotics. Problem being since recovering hes only eating one locust a day and thats if i pester him, some mornings very interested but...
  4. Lizard Pictures
    well this guy is now around 9-10 months old, and is coming on a treat! he is a fairly big lad at around 20+in long, and is now starting to fill out more, and get the nice big chunky head that males get...he oooozes personality! and although not the "cuddliest" of beardies, he does love...
  5. Lizard Pictures
    This is Boris, had him just over a week and he has put on 15g already :D Boris the tree monster: Snuggling on my shoulder: Boris the explorer: Boris has his first bath: Watching a dinosaur programme: The most chilled out dragon in the world?: :flrt:
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    Went to turn off lights yesterday and found this scene - turns out my beardie Fred (f) decided to play hostess yesterday instead of eating her locusts :2thumb:
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    Nowt fancy here, Just a couple of pictures of my awesome new beardie, Boris; which I have to share, given the amount of time I've spent researching and then setting up his viv (can't really get a good comprehensive pic of the whole viv a the moment as the iPhone camera sucks with that light!)...
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    random beardie pics
1-8 of 8 Results