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beardie sexing
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    Just wondering what size or age a beardie can be sexed at? Mine is about 11-12 weeks old and weighs 51g Any help would be appreciated thanks :)
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    Was just wondering what sex my beardie is but I know he's far too young yet but wondered how old they are before you can sex them...not that it matters but I'm just curious
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    Can anyone tell me what this colour beardie is called and is it male?
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    Hey guys, just wondering what age/size you can properly sex a beardie? I've had a look and it looks like a single bump in the middle (female) but the bearded dragon is 8 weeks old and around 6-7 inches long inc. tail so I could be completely wrong and seeing things. Any info much appreciated as...
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    hi was wondering if anyone could help sexing my bearded dragons there meant to be 2 females.there around 6-8 months old.first picture leeloo she is a bit more dominant but is slightly smaller of the two.she also waves alot. leeloo suki cheers
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    Okay, so I've just been given a beautiful beardie but I just wanted to check what sex it is. I've been told male and I think I agree, but I don't have previous experience with this species so over to you guys. What do you think? (Hasn't been seen head-bobbing or waving as of yet). And here...
1-6 of 6 Results