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beardies rehome
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    After the baby has come my girlfriend is struggling to look after them and really need them to go to a good home! 2 females were bought together and are ready to go into there own tank and the male was bought from a different clutch. Im looking to rehome them for a small fee of £20 to scare off...
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    I have 2 baby bearded dragons to good homes only They are both nearly 6 weeks old. No toe or tail nips And both have a bit of a wobble to's like they have the shakes They are both feeding well so free to who ever wants them. Please pm me Cheers
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    i feel the need to re-home one of my Beardies as i think this one is bulliying the current female he is housed with , so would like this Male to go to a new home , for a Fee of £20 .. He is in great health of a dark colour loves to be handled ,hand fed , he loves his salad and his bugs. i...
1-3 of 3 Results