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beautiful leopard gecko
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    I have for sale a young male leopard gecko. He weighs 24g 27/10/2012. He is double het raptor, and is technically a w/y sibling. He comes from a w/y het raptor bred to a mack raptor. He and his siblings all show that the cross was very successful in producing some extremely beautiful leos. He...
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    Hi all. Leopard Gecko hatchlings for sale, all between 3.5 months and 2 weeks old. Father tangerine, mother either rainwater albino or high yellow (mothers in first pic and father in second). Hatchlings all shedding and eating well, have all been incubated to be female, are all really...
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    I am selling my 1 and half year old leopard gecko. She is a beautiful normal morph. She has a 3ft Vivarium consisting of Heat mat, Light fittings (both fluorescent and spot) water bowl, decorations and background. The tank also has a stand, which is optional to use. Due to long term road works...
1-3 of 3 Results