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    2020 Vietnamese Blue Beauty Rat Snakes - Orthriophis Taeniurus Callicyanous Hatched July 2020, Strong healthy babies who have now had two sheds & 5 feeds. These will become large snakes, both parents around 8-10ft and can be tamed quite easily. They are very rewarding to keep and are also...
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    A few pictures of my Vietnamese Blue Beauty snakes and a few of this years breeding. Both first time parents. The male pictured below is and if I do say so myself one of the better examples of this species, the female is also very nice. The babies have had a few feed now so watch out on the...
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    Looking for grown on high quality Vietnamese blue beauty snakes 1.1 or 1.2 Also 1.1/1.2 Calico Chinese beauty snakes 1.1 albino Chinese beauty snakes. Please message if you have anything available. Thanks
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    Merry Christmas all (sorry if thats to early for some lol) Back in the summer I purchased a VBB and I have tried something different with her. There isn't a whole lot of information around regarding the Orthriophis genus in general especially callycianous . There are a number of people that...
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    CB 2017 Female - Healthy and eating well. No trades sorry.
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    Photos of the nine Taiwanese beauty snakes I hatched this year!! :flrt: it's interesting to see the natural colour variations -some are very dark and others very bright! (they are for sale Pm if interested) (ignore the poop in some of the photos it was clean out day) they are all hungry...
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    CB 14 Hatchling O.t.ridleyi £65, 20% deposit secures Collection or courier at buyers expense from Birmingham reliably feeding on either mouse pinkys or fluff Any questions feel free to ask
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    Let's see 'em! :D Male Radiated rat snake - normal Female Radiated rat snake - T+ albino Male Mexican Bairds rat snake Male Melanistic Persian rat snake Female Taiwanese Beauty snake Male Japanese rat snake Male Japanese rat snake Female Japanese rat snake
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    Female beauty snake (cb13) lovely temperament has never struck. Handled regularly since hatching, Shedding fine, never refused food, currently drop feeding on rat pups, growing fast and moving on to rat fluffs soon.
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    I've got 8 pairs of Venezuela beauty stick insects, Neophasma subapterum for sale, £3 a pair. Easy to feed on privet and attractive especially with leopard print like pattern on wings. Posting is £7.50 RMSD.
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    CB 2013 Tiawanese Beauties Males and females available, all feeding, pooping and shedding fine. Great snakes, pics to follow. I work in Watford so collection from there is possible (9-6 and days depending on shifts). Also I will be going to Donny on the 3rd so can arrange meet ups. Any...
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    hi guys im after a book on beauty snakes or tai beautys any one no where i can get um from ???
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    Female is CB05 and Male is CB06. Been kept separate this year. Female is quite feisty so experienced keepers only - £300 the pair (will not split, absolutely no offers) PM for further details. Pictures available on request. Collection from Telford or can meet within the Telford area. No...
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    Looking for a home for my taiwanese beauty, Legs. Male. He's around 7 feet long. Age, he's approximately 6/7. Moving away forces reluctant rehome. He eats well, never refusing. He poos well and sheds well. He can sometimes get a little viv defensive but is fine once out and about. He currently...
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    After a baby Taiwanese beauty snake. Not sure if anyone on here breeds these. Please pm with details. Pref a CB13 when they're about. Cheers.
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    Reluctantly selling my male Thai Beauty Snake as available viv space has become too tight. He is around 3ft long, always hungry and eats perfectly. Not snappy or defensive. PM for details.
1-17 of 61 Results