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  1. Lizards
    I'm sorry if there is a better place for this to go but basically I'm thinking about buying a reptile for my girlfriend. I have been reading a fair bit but finding lots of bad and contradictory information so thought I would just ask a couple of things on here? Firstly it would have to be kept...
  2. Hobby Issues & Information
    As they are commonly referred to in the trade are a massive thorn in the side of genuine hard working reptile shops. I am seeing more and more of these online shops popping up, they look very flash and offer the latest products and 9 out of 10 times, they are stupidly cheap. Well thats for one...
  3. Snake Pictures
    New to all this stuff so testing out how putting up photos work! Heres a quickie of my femal Royal chilling on my bedroom floor
  4. Avian
    so.. my dear mother has decided that she's going to get me a bird or two and she wanted to get me a parrot, but unfortunately she wanted me to keep it in my bedroom(she was talking like cockatoo parrots) and i've explained to her that you can't keep big parrots in bedrooms and they need to be in...
  5. Habitat Pictures
    Can't wait to get the new house paperwork sorted and free up some space so these arnt in the new bedroom! Running out of space! Lol
  6. Lizards
    Just sorted out my bedroom and there is approximately 2.5 ft space left over for another animal. My mum wants me to choose a Chameleon, but i don't thinks this is adequate room. Any other suggestions?
1-6 of 7 Results