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beech viv
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    Hey all I have a 5' beech viv for sale, if anyone is interested, i'd like £50! Many thanks jenni
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    Hey all I have a 5' beech viv for sale, if anyone is interested, i'd like £50! Many thanks jenni
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    36"x18"x18" bow front viv. Solid back with 2 vents and sealed with silicon. both pieces of glass come out for easy access. This is a good quality viv, very heavy. It is in excellent condition apart from the back right top corner has been bashed - with it being at the back i've never...
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    Hi, I have a 3 foot long X 2 feet high X 2 feet deep beech viv. In decent used condition. The viv has been sealed. comes complete with a little strip light and a ceramic holder with cable and plug. No ceramic bulb, cage or stat. It's bigger than a normal 3 foot viv so ideal if your...
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    I have for sale a 30x15x15 beech viv, bought originally from leaping lizards, All snakes are now in bigger vivs or rubs so no longer needed. Its routed along the back for heat cable and has a small patch thats swollen slightly on the front pannel but this in no way effects the use of the viv...
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    Hi, I have for sale a 36x15x18(WxDxH) wooden viv in a light wood colour I *think* is beech. Is in need of a good clean, but in a decent enough condition. Only reason it is up for sale, is the snake who was in it got upgraded to a 4 foot viv a while back and its been in the garage since...
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    Hi There We are selling our beech viv 47"lengthx15"widthx19"depth. It comes with a single spot light holder and UV holder with starter. Looking for best offers. Please give us a call on 07772767643 or PM us. Hope to hear from you soon. Nathan and Jacqz
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    I have for sale a 2FT beech viv, not a viv exotic but a similar style, dimensions are 24" x15" x15" The back of this viv is plywood, which makes it easier to install cables and such through. any questions please ask. Can post for £8
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    have a beech viv 31"x19"x18" in excellent condition.comes complete with habistat mat stat,either a habistat heat mat or a ceramic bulb and bulb guard.has a uv and starter,exo terra hide and water bowl.just fitted new glass as one side cracked. £60 dagenham essex..
1-9 of 9 Results