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bell albino
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    All hatched between May and early July this year. All presumed male from what I can make out so selling as unsexed but suspected male. Prices negotiable and can drive to deliver/meet localish. Mother - RADAR Father - White and Yellow Het Bell Albino with reverse stripe, dark colourations. 1...
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    CB15 Bell Albino Mack Snow leopard Gecko Unsexed £60
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    CB14 Bell Albino Leopard Gecko Female £55
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    Baby leopard geckos , incubated for male (no guarantee) Lovely bold stripe, with Lavender hues, het for Bell. All eating, shedding, pooping and lively. Well handled. £30 ....courier costs to be met by buyer. No set up included. Happy to bring to Doncaster show in September. Mum is Bell...
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    morph: tangerine bell het eclipse (from pairing tangerine patty stripe radar x tangerine w&y bell) hatched: 12/06/2014 weight: 19g sex: incubated for mixed at 84f is happily eating mealworms, crickets and locust gutloaded and dusted with repashy calcium plus based in bedfordshire buyer welcome...
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    bell albino,diablo blanco,hypo dorsal stripe , femle leopard geckos all over 45 grams open to sensible offers
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    Hello, Here's an "evolution" of my Mack snow Radar. :)
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    2 x Total Eclispe 2 x Eclipse het bell albino het radar 4 x Bell Albinos (including a male which is Het Eclispe Het Radar) 3 x Red Stripes (male is het bell albino) 1 x white & Yellow bell albino female 1 x Sunglow female 1 x Tremper albino female 1 x Male blazing blizzard 2 x Mack Snows 1 x...
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    5 perfectly healthy young Bell Albino 100% het Radar Leopard Geckos for Sale from an awesome Tangerine Jungle Radar father to a Bell Albino Mother. £25 each. Also, 1 has a fully re-grown tail, also very healthy, £20. Or, all 6 for £100. Collection only. NO SWAPS. Will not hold unless full...
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    I have a few very nice leo's for sale. All are 2013 hatchlings and are available for collection or courier from Tamworth once they have reached a minimum of 20g. ID 013 Redstripe Bell Albino 66% het Radar inc Male £110 (36g) ID 015 Normal het Tremper Eclipse inc Male £35 (37)g ID 016...
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    Was going to keep this one but not in my plans Unsexed was incubated for mixed No hets Not sure on price so ill ask £60 or swap always looking for different geckos/lizards
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    Here are a few babies we've hatched out this season from 2 pairings. These are from Redstripe Bell Albino het Radar X Redstripe Bell Albino het Radar No Radars yet but some very nice looking babies. Clutch 1 Clutch 2 The next babies are from a White & Yellow Abyssinian het Raptor X Tremper...
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    Here are a few so far from this year First off a little radar weighing 11g Mack snow radar weighing 12g Radar enigma weighing 7g Either a super radar or a super snow bell, only time will tell. She was born with her umbilical chord still attached but thankfully it has...
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    Very pleased with our first baby of the season. He comes from Redstripe Bell Albino het Radar X Redstripe Bell Albino het Radar and has a perfect stripe :2thumb: Just waiting for brother to hatch now :2thumb:
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    I have two beautiful adult females for sale, First up is my Sunglow Bell albino, She is proven from last season, super healthy and doing everything as she should.... Looking for £70 for her. And next up is the Super hypo Rainwater Albino, she is not proven but laid me some infertiles last...
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    ive got my new leopard gecko now he is a bell enigma from bump2010 on here he s still settling in and hasnt eaten yet and is so small compared to minnie
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    Few updated photos on some awesome geckos. 1. Radar female 65gs £150 2. Female Bell 50% RADAR 30gs £60 3. Male Het RADAR class colours on him 30gs £60 4. Female Het RADAR seems a bit dizzy when handled but eating and growing fine. non breeder £40 5. Female Het...
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    These are my last Bells of the season both eating,sheding and pooing perfectly. Feeding on crickets,mealworm and roaches. And they are both male. I'm looking for £40 each which i think is a good price :2thumb: No.1 currently weighing 71 grams No.2 currently weighing 64 grams Thanks...
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    Right here goes nothing if i manage to upload without this crashing then i will pass out... Lots of Bells for sale here Radars, het radars male and female. 1.Female Radar 40gs awesome colours £150 2.Female Radar 30gs £150 3.Female Bell stripe 66% het radar 30gs £80 4. Female...
  20. Lizard Pictures
    some more photos of a few of the crew. Tremper albinos, mum raptor dad "absyninnian", gimmick or not there is certainly something going on here, also the false eclipse eye is pretty nice ehe. love the white eyelids and orange eye liner! My best hatchling i think :), just gotta scour...
1-20 of 42 Results