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berber skink
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    Hello. My berber skink has been displaying symptoms of a respiratory infection (bubbling around his eyes and occasional sneezing). I only noticed this today and immediately made him a vet appointment, however my vet that takes exotics is on holiday and the earliest appointment I could get is in...
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    young berber skink very friendly eats well craps all fine , one nail (not toe) missing on foot when we got him . pm for any details cheers
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    Hello, I wanted to add some wood into my Beber skink's tank and I was wondering if Mopani root would be a safe choice. If anyone knows any other woods that are safe for Berber skink's I'd love to know about that too. Thank you :)
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    looking for cb baby berber skinks. cheers
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    Hello there! I have recently bought a berber skink. he's 6 months old and very skittish but is already taming to being held. I've seen a few posts about lighting and UVB saying that some people do and some don't use UVB bulbs. I have made the decision to get it as i think it would benefit the...
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    9 month old sub adult berber skink for sale or swap. Eating and pooing like he should:2thumb:
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    Note: Pick-up from Liverpool only! I'm soon to be moving out of the country and so am looking for someone to provide a good home to this Berber. I don't know the sex, though I've always assumed male from the width of 'his' neck. Age is also unknown as I took him in from someone who really...
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    willing to travel, going to donny tomorrow so hoping to pick some up but if there are none im in the market for a young pair as soon as i can find them :) set up all ready to go just need to find the skinks haha :) my heart is set on these amazing little lizards :):2thumb:
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    I have two Berbers, male & female who have been together for a short while. 3 days ago they mated twice on the same day. I thought that would be the end of that behaviour and the female would become more reclusive, but the male has continued to hassle her and theyve mated another twice since...
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    hey everyone, I have a 3 year old, male Berber skink (Gus). For the last 3 weeks, Guses energy level has drastically decreased. His neck has increased in size by a fair amount, and a bump has developed on his tail. This has all happened pretty quickly, and I'm unsure why. To try and help out...
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    Due to unfortunate physical circumstances I am currently unable to look after my reptiles in a way in which I am happy with, and so I am looking for a new forever home for some of them. This has been a horrible decision and I will miss them terribly, but I would rather them go to someone who can...
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    I would like to know what kind of non-stressed desert lizard I could buy and most likely wouldn't have any problem living with my bearded dragon, mali uromastyx and berber skink. Any idea? I must be able to get it in Canada (Québec). Also, if possible, something that isn't too expensive...
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    I have been looking for a Berber skink for a while now and I've had no luck in my area (Newcastle) wondering if anyone knows a breeder in the uk??: victory:
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    My partner and I obtained our first Berber skink yesterday and are very pleased with the beautiful docile lizard! The guy who we bought it off claims that it is around a year old and kept referring to it as he. We decided to do some researching of our own and I personally it looks like a...
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  16. Lizards
    Is there anywhere to get berber skinks that are in stock and captive bred at this time of year? Thanks
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    Does anyone know where to buy Berber skinks for around £30 online or a shop in/near islington Thanks
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    I already have one female berber skink and am looking at either getting another female to be house with mine, or getting a male and hopefully having a breeding pair (would prefer 2 females though). I have been struggling to fine a breeder and was wondering if anyone knows, or is, a successful...
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    I am looking for a mate for my Berber skink. He is thought to be male so am looking for a potential female (adult). Am willing to do up to roughly a 2 hour drive if needed. please help me find a friend for Rambo! Haha :)
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    My berber skink won't eat, drink or move? Hi everyone. I purchased a berber skink yesterday and am having a bit of trouble with him. He literally wont move. I dont know if its because hes still settling in or hes stressed but he just buries himself in the sand and doesn't move. He hasn't eaten...
1-20 of 94 Results