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berber skinks
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    I have two berber skinks that Ive had for around 2/3 years now. One of my skinks, rodger, has always been more lethargic than the other and eats a lot less but recently rodger seems to have gone off his food completely and the only thing I can get him to eat is wax worms. However, I noticed this...
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    Tame Do everything as they should Unsure of sexes
  3. Lizard Classifieds
    Nice pair of Berber Skinks for sale. Easy to handle and make lovely pets.
  4. Lizards
    Hi Im new to this forum, but I have heard so many mixed reviews on what im about to ask..! I have had Leopard Geckos (2xMales) and a breeding pair of Berber Skinks, and they all live togther in a 3ft Vivarium..! I take them out to feed them, so they are seperate and they seem to get along...
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    Male & female.. Breeding pair or berber skinks for sale, they are 3 years old, prefect starting lizards, very tame, eat & poo & shed well:) love there meal worms, you can use uvb tube if wanted don't require it though, very active & cool to watch them bury themselves under the sand, very cheap...
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    hi this is a new AD. i have three Berber Skinks, un sexed, i dont know what age they are. one berber skink has some kinks in there tail i brought them like this. and the other only have one kink in. and the other one had a short tail but has grown back normal but just shorter than the other...
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    hi. thinking of down sizeing my reptile collection as im not spending as enough time with them than my other reptiles.. there are three berber skinks. two large ones and a medium sized one.. they all came to me together and they had no probelm with me at all. i do not now the age or sex. they do...
  8. Newbie Advice
    Hi new to this, any one got any advice on berber skinks tar
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    hiya. been wanting berber skink for years and years. and finally found some close by. and so here my setup.. going to be collecting my berber skinks tomorrow after work..woop! 16/6/11 they have got lots of climbling space. they have got a platform with 3 inches of sand plus they got 5 inches of...
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    Has anyone done this, please may I have some info? :2thumb:
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    Well ive had an eventful week the other day i picked up my baby stingray wasnt expecting to have any more animals to deal with for a while but yesterday came across 2 gorgeous and very tame berber skinks that i was looking for to get my partner for his birthday and even tho its over a month away...
  12. Lizards
    if i cant see my berbers eating crickets could i put them into a container to feed them the crickets,i have them in a 4ft viv and i am very worried they are not feedin to well grrrr they will eat mealworms from the bowl no problem :bash:
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    hi there i have just got 2 berber skinks would like to ask some1 a few ?s,1.they dont seem to be eating to well more m/worms than crickets 2.what about greens and if so which ones 3.what about spraying them and how often 3.are they hard to breed.hope someone can help me i am new to keepin...
  14. Lizards
    I've seen Berbers kept on both sand and something resembling orchid bark. Any thoughts/experiences on which is best?
  15. Lizard Classifieds
    For Sale ive got a Beautiful pair of Berber Skinks. I Rescued these 6 months ago, and have nursed them to near perfect health ( missing a few toes each) they are very very active,, and now totally easily handleable... will make perfect pets for somebody starting out in the reptile world...
  16. Lizards
    Just read your post about keeping berbers, i am about to get my first skinks abd have heard different ideas on viv requirements. Some say UV is needed and others recommend a spot bulb and ceramic heater, can you give me your views on this? i want to provide the best housing possible for them...
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    heres my reptiles in my bedroom. soon will be taking over lmao...
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    i got an old vivarium in my garage which is 24inches length by 18inches high and 15inches or 11 inches deep? is this viv a good size for an adult berber skink?
  19. Habitat
    hiya thinking about getting a berber skink but i want to know how i should set up the viv? so if you got any pics of ur skinks vivs it would greatly help me thanks
  20. Lizard Classifieds
    hiya looking at berber skinks just wondering if any1 is selling them around the southampton area or in southampton as i really like the berber skinks? if so how much each? sex?
1-20 of 22 Results