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    young berber skink very friendly eats well craps all fine , one nail (not toe) missing on foot when we got him . pm for any details cheers
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    Looking for a Juv Berber or Pink tongue, can collect within reasonable distance
  3. Lizards
    I joined this forum just to make this post, as RFUK seem to have more info on Schneider's then anywhere else: Last week I acquired a Schneider's skink, they seem to be very lively, eating. pooping etc. But I've noticed it often sits with it's right "hand" facing backwards. AT first I thought...
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    I have two five-year old captive-bred Berber/Schneider's skinks (one male, one female) for sale to a good home. Both are healthy (eating, shedding, pooing etc) though they have regenerated tail tips resulting from injuries as hatchlings. They also do not seem to like fruit or vegetables even...
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    Hi, i'm from the Newcastle area and after a Blue Tongue skink or Berber skink or even a Pink tongue, please get in touch with what you have...Will pay extra for delivery to. Cheers
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    I've been looking into getting a reptile for a while now, done a lot of research. I really like the look of skinks, however I would prefer to have a reptile that doesn't need live food, so I was wondering if a berber skink could be raised off the blue tongue skink diet, e.g. cat/dog food. This...
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    This stunning Berber skink came to South Essex wildlife hospital after being found as a stray. Because of this, we can't be sure of its exact age etc. however it is in great health and is very active and inquisitive, feeding and shedding very well. If you are interested in rehoming any of our...
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    berber skink was rescued and is now fit n well , bit skittish but will be fine with regular handling slight kink in mid section of tail £10 rehome fee to deter freebee hunters and can meet at donny
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    Just wondering if anyone who has kept berber skinks can tell me how much theirs ate ? Bella seems capable of eating loads quite happily. Should I let her eat what she wants or is she likely to just keep eating more than she need for the enjoyment of it ? Also small question about calcium /...
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    I have had Bella (a berber skink) for about a week now and she is definitely less scared of me now than she was at first. The day I brought her home I was able to ease her out of the travel bag and hold her for 5 mins before I put her into her viv. Since then she has let me stroke her whilst...
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    My new berber skink will be coming home tomorrow and I have found myself wondering about changing my basking spot. At present I have set up a large slate piece at an angle under the heat lamp and am currently testing temperatures inside the tank. I have found myself wondering as it is likely...
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    Hey, Ive been looking into skinks and had settled on wanting to get a berber skink but since then have been told repeatedly by one reptile store after another that they are not available captive bred and that any I see for sale will be captive farmed they guy I spoke to about captive farming...
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    As in the title I am in Hastings in east sussex, is there anyone near to me who either breeds either of these skinks, has any for sale, or can recommend somewhere close to me who does ? Also if anyone has a specific opinion on which kind is better I would love to hear it because I am torn :)...
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    Ive never really looked into skinks too much tbh but today I have been looking around online a bit and a video of berber skinks caught my eye. They seem like lovely active friendly little lizards, is this actually the case or am I being mislead? Can anyone recommend any other types of skink...
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    13 Bearded dragons, lime cross + normal's £15 each W/C Mountain Horned Agamas £20 each (acanthosaura capra) 12 and 13 C/F Water dragons £35 each W/C Berber skinks £30 each, pairs £55 W/C collard lizards £55 C/B 10 Spiney tail M £150 lovely boy W/C Tokay £20 each, pairs £35
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    I am after 2 Berber skinks as young as possible. Am willing to drive a reasonable distance Thanks
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    Hi all I have a spare viv and have been pointed towards getting berber skinks, my fella has always liked blue tongue skinks so with having less space thought berbers may be a good way to go. If you have a berber what do you think of these as an addition and how have you set up your viv for...
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    13 Bearded dragons, lime cross + normal's £15 each 13 early- grown on bearded dragons, fire&ice X citrus £20 each W/C Mountain Horned Agamas £20 each or £35 pair (acanthosaura capra) 12 C/F Water dragons £35 each, pair £60 W/C Elliot's chameleons £50 each, pairs £95 W/C Boehmes chameleons...
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    Just a quick question, thinking about getting some snails for the bosc and berber skink as I hear they can be quite fond of them, just wondering where you guys get them? And does it matter what type of snails they are? Also do you feed them living or dead? Cheers :)
1-20 of 66 Results