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    Looking for any of the following Betta species. Betta albimarginata Betta channoides Betta macrostoma Betta uberis If you have any or have spotted any in your local shop I would like to know....
  2. Fish Keeping
    where good to got nice betta like the half-moon from thanks
  3. Aquatics Classifieds
    I have various male betta splendens for sale. I have crowntails(£7) , combtail/crowntail combo's (PM for price) and veil tales (£5). I can ship to most places in the UK. please PM me for info and photos. (DO NOT KEEP WITH GOURAMI, OTHER FIGHTING FISH, CICHLIDS OR ANGELFISH.)
  4. Equipment Classifieds
    (That's ~4.6ft X 2ft X 2ft) Fantastic viv, very good quality. Glass all round, sealed base (exo-terra style), mesh removable lids, sliding glass doors. Including heat radiator and 250W ceramic bulb - see pics. Left side with radiator and bulb: Right side: Radiator and bulb: (Note...
  5. Aquatics Classifieds
    Hi, got some high grade male plakat better splendens for sale, some stunners among them if your looking for top end breeding stock. There are different colour combos in jewelled, short fin and metallic. Contact me if you are interested by my email below. I have got pictures but i just cant get...
  6. Fish Keeping
    i am planning on breeding my siamese fighting fish male. just considering where to put the female when shes not breeding, i was thinking of putting her in my planted tank and the apistos are the only fish that i can see being a problem, what do you guys think?
  7. Fish Keeping
    just a few pics I have of my small planted tank, I do think it is horribly stocked and I am endeavouring to change that. current stock is three female bettas, one male betta, two glass cats,one balloon molly, one bristlenose plec,a rabbit snail and a Pakistani loach. tank size is 22 litres. and...
  8. Aquatics Pictures
    heres bruce my betta aka siamese fighter had him a fair few months now and captured a good shot and thought i would post the pic :)
  9. Aquatics Classifieds
    Uk bred betta smaragdina not imported! £15 pair Spare males £7.50 Can post up to three pairs for £12.50 special delivery swansea 07906113421
  10. Aquatics Classifieds
    Uk bred betta mahachaiensis not imported! £20 pair Spare males £10 Can post up to three pairs for £12.50 special delivery swansea 07906113421
  11. Aquatics Classifieds
    Betta 17L fish tank for sale, built in light and filter inside lid, includes one new filter foam pad and background. Light has both white day mode and dark blue night mode. Excellent tank for Siamese fighting fish, for breeding, for shrimp or for any small tropical or coldwater community. Clean...
  12. Fish Keeping
    hey guys im getting a new betta tommorow...and its stunning...and on a plus side I have a conditioned female waiting for him :) here is a picture of the type im getting: Betta imbellis «Pontian» What do you guys like?
  13. Fish Keeping
    Ok need a bit if help here... Im interested in breeding bettas... I have a male in a 40 liter tank with 2 he can see the other he can not (there in breeding nets) I have lots of live plants...tanks all fully cycled But they just aren't breeding... The female has filled out a bit...
  14. Fish Keeping
    i have a few questions as i am going to start breeding betta fighting fish...but, i want the ideal conditions for them... so here are my questions... 1.) If i have my tanks set up without heaters but my room in heater to 24oc-26oc...would that be acceptibale...? 2.) Approxamatley how many...
  15. Fish Keeping
    hey guys just wondering what your opinions are on this as an aternative to tiny un-heated tanks/cups.... just trying to get ideas...cheers
  16. Fish Keeping
    We have a 30l tank with filter & spray bar, heated to 26 degrees. Ish has lived in the tank for about 9 months, but we have had him for about 2 & a half years. About 2 weeks ago, he started not being himself. He wouldn't get up for his breakfast, slept all the time, wouldn't react to his...
  17. Aquatics Classifieds
    up for sale or swap for royal python morphs is my betta lifespace 1000 fishtank including sump, heater, power head, and a shoal of 9 red belly piranhas, everything is in a1 condition! very nice centerpiece to a living room. any questions pm me! or pm with offers! this setup cost me the best part...
  18. Fish Keeping
    Hi all,, Can anyone tell me what is the lowest wattage suitable for low lighting plants? I'm not comfortable at all with the plant situation and may end up having artificial plants :devil: The tank (19L) was set up for 5 days now, temp is good but sometimes gets overheated as the tank is...
  19. Fish Keeping
    Hi Folks, my original filter died, so I replaced it with a Fluval U1 as it was the smallest quality branded filter that they had. Typically it died on a Sunday, so the only open shop was [email protected], so I was limited for choice. My question is, the filter is made for a 55L tank, but my Betta's tank is...
  20. Fish Keeping
    I think it might be a tumor. Can anyone give me more information on this? He was fine before but tonight he has been very sluggish, can't seem to get to the surface of the water and is swimming very slowly. The lump is under the skin, the scales over it are stretched. It's currently about 5mm...
1-20 of 32 Results