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    Hi. I have a question about BHP. I recently go to pet shop to get a BHP and the owner show me a female. And he probed it and about 6-7 scales so I thouht it is a male. But the owner says it is a female. He says in case of...
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    hi all I am looking for the following snakes if any one can help? first up I am looking for female black pine, next up female black headed python, southern pine snakes, locality gopher snakes, bull snakes thanks.
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    Hi Very interested in owning one of these snakes Would be willing to travel but probably not to the north of Scotland or Ireland Northern territory BHPs have my favourite colouration Anybody breeding BHPs? Would be willing to wait
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    Well unfortunately I have been let down by the previous buyer for these snakes in what I believe are unforeseen circumstances. So I have started a complete new thread. It is with much regret that I am selling my unrelated pair of black headed pythons. They are both about 7 foot long, the female...
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    It is with much regret that I am selling my unrelated pair of black headed pythons. They are both about 7 foot long, the female was born in 2011, male in 2010, they are both dog tame and as is usual with BHPs are great feeders. They are both being fed on Xl rats every 2 weeks, but were not fed...
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    Well it all started with this just before Christmas: They were locked for 4 days solid! Then a couple of weeks break and then they were at it again after she started to swell - developing folicules? She has been close to the hot end of the viv for ages. What do you think? Just keeping...
  7. Snake Pictures
    Well introduced my BHPs day before yesterday and they have been almost permanently locked since then. Their stamina amazes me! Can't believe they dont take a rest to at least have a fag. Apologies about the crap photo on the iphone but hope this means good things! Cheers Pete
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    Iv been waiting for this for over 2 years and its finally time. I put one of my pair of Black-Headed Pythons together last night and it looks like im off to a good start. Pictures are not great as they were not in the best position and i wanted to be quick but I just sat watching them there...
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    Just some pics of the 05 girl I picked up at Doncaster. I was immediately taken away by the size of her. She was extremely well taken care of by the previous owner. Not a bit of fat and pure muscle. She will get one feed and then ill start dropping temps around 5 weeks later. Will clear the...
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    Im on the lookout for a female BHP. One of my 'females' has decided to be a male so it puts me in a bad spot. Ill be over in Doncaster this coming September. I would appreciate if anyone knows anyone that might also want to part ways with one to let me know. Please contact me via PM to discuss...
  11. Snake Pictures
    OK I feel that my female BHP is the best looking BHP in the UK barring a certain calico female. She is so yellow unfortunately the camera has washed her out a bit and has a black back as well. ANyone else with a better looking BHP please post a pic. Here are my pics: Let me know what...
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    I am waiting for my new carpets and Woma but they are not ready yet so I thought lets take some photos of my BHPs in the sun so here goes. Let me know what you think: Male 2010 Female Regards Pete
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    Cash waiting, females and adult pairs preferred. Please Pm as I won't be keeping up with this thread. Cheers Pete
  14. Snakes
    I am after a female BHP, anyone got one out there, money waiting! Cheers Pete
  15. Snake Pictures
    Here is a few of my 2010 male taken today: He is such a sweetie, let me know what you think! Cheers Pete
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    Hey guys I'm after a sub adulthood BHP. If there is anything out there would love to hear from you Regards Robbie Pm or text 07414844985
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    wrong dateHere she is 11 girl , she is a sweetie BHPs must be most difficult to photo:- Let me know what you think? Cheers Pete
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    Hi Guys, I have been looking at these pythons for a good few years now but the price always prevented me getting one, however im getting close to saving enough money to buy a nice female :2thumb: Ive read care sheets and a couple of articles i can find only, but my question is do you guys that...
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    I'm selling my 2.1 adult blackheaded pythons. I had eggs and babies from them twice. The younger male is a son of the other ones. Will not split. Price is 2500€/3
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    did not eat since 82 days, what do you think?
1-20 of 33 Results