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    2 Bibrons Geckos (6 months old) for Sale They come with a 30x30x45 Exoterra viv (with foam rock background) and a heatmat, substrate and some decor Just need to add a UV £50 ono
  2. Lizards
    I brought this Gecko as a bibrons Gecko, but after looking at some images online I'm doubtful that it is does anyone have any ideas on what it could be? If it helps its an adult female (layed two eggs before I brought her)
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    I have 2 crestie females 1 red Dalmatian tailless 1 year £90 1 30% pinstripe harlequin about 2 years £110 i dont have the weights but both fully grown and the harlequin a a big girl (pics up soon) proven pair of bibrons female can be handled male is an evil little sod. £70 the pair i wont...
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    Adult bibron's gecko for sale, looks female selling without setup but viv may be available if needed heres a photo of her asking £40 ono
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    Two bibrons geckos, about 5 months old. Eats mealworms and occasional crested gecko mix.. They are about 1.5 to 2 inches big.. No tank included.. sorry. Collection from yeovil Somerset...
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    TRIO OF BIBRONS GECKO'S FOR SALE 1 MALE 2 FEMALE Not sure how old they are but I have had them nearly a year Have heard them chirping at each other and seen then mating and even had 4 eggs earlier in the year but I didn't try hatching them. Feeding well on dusted mealies & crickets and all...
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    Two baby bibrons, unsexed. Very lovely geckos... 15 each
1-7 of 7 Results