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    Link to my Gumtree ad for my mountain bike I'm selling. Please take a gander :whistling2: Land Rover Experience Pro Mountain Bike in Cardiff | Bikes, & Bicycles for Sale |
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    Hi, I have up for sale a 2011 male amel stripe corn and a 2010 male normal royal. The corn was bred by lexcorn- I bought him specifically because of how white his head was compared to his body with the intentions of breeding in the future, but have decided against it as I am focusing on boas...
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    Adult Mountain Bike - "Pro Bike" Blue All in working order, tyres just need a pump up! Will accept sensible offers.
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    This bike is around one year old and in good condition. It's a hybrid bike meaning that it falls somewhere between a mountain bike and a road bike making it ideal for urban riding. Originally cost £160 just 12 months ago.
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    Have moved into a flat with no-where to put it. It's pretty much brand new, as I have only used it once to pop up the road and back. It's in perfect condition. £60 or nearest offer! Pick up from Birmingham. Phone or text me 07903581497
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    Anyone know their way round a push bike? My bike is ride-able but broken and I have no idea how to fix it and I can find anything help online so far. So hoping there may be some bicycle minded people on here to help me. Basically, im riding it along the road fine but if I stop pedaling when I go...
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    Hi, I am selling my full stock bike as I have lost interest. I built it last year with mostly new parts! Ridden no more than 7 times (no harsh riding either and only used in the dry) Ready to ride. Frame: Echo Control (can't remember the year, possibly 05?) Forks: Fatty forks (I think) Sprayed...
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    Which is better disc brake or the traditional clamp? My last two bikes have been disc and the pads have lasted me four months max, although usually barely two months. Worst of all, the shops in my area don't seem to supply new pads on their own, they will only offer to replace the entire...
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    Hi, This book is brand new, only selling as I received one as a gift and bought one so ended up with two copies, so thought I'd sell one! RRP on this is £14.99 so £5.00 is a bargain! :) Blurb from back of book: "Covers mountain road and city bikes, 192 pages, 900 colour photos, Step by step...