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  1. Snake Pictures
    Thats right, The Bigger, Older, Fatter and Uglier the better Hatchlings and neonates are cute and all, but haven't we seem enough of them? I love the big old chunky ones just as much ;) If possible include Age, Weight and Length I'll start off with mine, Hes not that amazingly beasty but...
  2. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Bought from Jollies for £75 around three months ago, in good condition It has a blue plastic base, metal 1cm gapped bars, 2 plastic green platforms, 2 sliding doors, and one huge double door at the top. The ratty corner cage Calculator said it can keep up to three rats in there, but i only kept...
  3. Amphibian Classifieds
    hi, want large female cain toad ( urgently ) will travel cash waiting , also i have a large male cain toad roughly 5 6 years old , 7 inch vent to snout , may be willing to do a swap or sell individually , can send pics via mobile fone , plz call 07858828810 tom thanks .
  4. Snakes
    Seriously, guys. How big are your houses? Because I see all those people with a HUGE list of snakes and frogs and spiders and stuff like that in their signatures, and I'm like... Those things need a BIG viv, right? Even if it's not so big, it's so many of them! So, the real question is: do...
121-124 of 124 Results