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    Bismarck Python (Bothrochilus boa), two juveniles from 2019. Purchased as unsexed, I believe they are both males but not 100%. One is banded (£250ono) and the other is aberrant (£200ono) Can deliver to Doncaster in April, will deliver for petrol costs or buyer collects from Basingstoke...
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    1.0 CB12 Bismarck Ringed Python (Bothrochilus boa) £150 Currently on Frozen Small Rats. Sheds well (doesn't need sphagnum moss if you provide a large water bowl), poops and has a high feeding response. He's roughly just over four foot and is starting to fill out nicely He's very tame once out...
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    Gratuitous pictures. :2thumb:
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    Adult female Bismarck Ringed Python (Bothrochilus boa) approx 5 and half feet, Stunning snake, with a bit of attitude (doesn't appreciate handling) Perfect addition to existing male/group or if somebody's willing/able to source a male. Feeds ravenously on large rats, pics don't do her justice...
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    There were a couple of posts on Bismarcks recently so I thought I'd show off my babies born yesterday 6 here, number 7 hatched later that evening
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    I bought this girl last October with plans of getting a male to pair with her. Unfortunately I've not been able to find an appropriate suitor and I've now decided to let her go to a good home. These are not for beginners due to their temperament and their husbandry being slightly more...