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black and white tegu
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    Hi am after a black and white Tegu if your local to Essex don't mind travel for the right one ideally with a set but it not end off the world if just tegu on his/her own CASH WAITING
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    Hi, I have a 5 year old black and white tegu for sale. Not sure on sex. About 4 and a half foot and although a little bit protective of his viv but never bitten, once out enjoys having a wonder around and goes back in once had enough. Loves a bath and being out in the sun, eats well but needs a...
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    Just testing the water looking to rehome a young Black and white Tegu to replace the one an ex girlfriend :censor: sold years ago (New place much more space) can now look to get another. Ideally I am after a loved pet that has outgrown the space he has. This will be as a pet only as I have no...
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    HI i have 1 very tame female black and white tegu available. She is an absolutely beautiful Animal. She is only just over 1 ft long including tail and captive bred. £300 Buyer to collect
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    Argentine Black and White Tegus Unsexed £245 Each
  6. Lizards
    interested to see if anyone has any available or will have any time soon? not too worried about the age, but would preferably have a male. I'm based in West Yorkshire, but would try and pick up from anywhere else in Yorkshire. Thanks
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    Hi am selling both my male and female black and white tegu, they are close to 10 years of age, with a excellent temperment. The female has recently had surgery from the condition the previous owner kept her in she has recovered excellent but she has a large scar on her under belly and the male...
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    Hey guys im selling my handsome male black and white tegu, as to be expected he has an amazing apetite, I need him to go to a good home so private message me with any questions or if you want any photos
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    Female Argentine black and white tegu. Very tame lovely natured lizard. Sadly selling due to house move and not having the room to keep her. She is approximately 3 years old and 3 feet in length snout to tail end. Such a pleasure to have as a pet. She comes with a custom built vivarium made with...
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    Hello, I have a CB12 female B&W Tegu up for a sale/swap. In terms of what I would swap her for Im pretty much open to anything so drop me a PM if interested.
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    Hi all im on the hunt for a Columbian Black And White Tegu anyone help??
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    for sale young balck and white tegu, eats very well sheds well, still a little skitty but is settling down nicely
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    Selling on behalf of a mate - as he doesnt use this site Swap for dwarf monitor - ackie preferably. he's for sale on his own due to his tank being a bit beaten up. handles well enough, defensive about coming out at times, but will happily settle after a while Will upload pics of him...
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    This is a very regrettable sale and not one I am in a rush to make. Only serious keepers should continue reading. Up for grabs is my Argy Black and White Tegu. He's a stunning lad (lots of white) and has been a pleasure to keep. he's over 3 years old now and is in great nick apart from a...
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    young black and white tegu for sale still skittish but not aggressive will take food from you, sheds well eats well, comes with large vivarium, lights,ceramic heater on a thermostat, large water bowl and hide £400ono x
  16. Lizard Classifieds
    Nile Monitor around 3 ft including tail. Believed to male, eats like a champion. Poo and sheds fine, had no issues with him at all. He is not particularly aggressive but gets a bit hissy at times. Can be handled quite easily but becomes a bit skirmish at times. Overall attitude good never bitten...
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    Hi all I'm after a pair of black and white tegus any age and size I have setup ready for the tegs will consider adult or baby's Cash waiting Let me know what you have :2thumb:
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    As some of you will know from previous posts of mine. We have been trying to renovate the shop for some time. Sadly due to being diagnosed with cancer and issues with planning permission (we are based in a listed building), we had delays. Yet finally we are done. We have new stock and pans to...
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    Looking for either of the above, pref a youngish animal, but if the right animal comes along may take an older one. I live in the Plymouth area. Thankyou :-)
  20. Lizards
    i recently got male black and white tegu had all sorts of other reptiles for years done all the checks how to look after them and care for them just wanted to no if any one had any tips or ideas what they like and best way to care for them thank you
1-20 of 37 Results