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black mamba
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    Hello all, I'm a bristol based artist and am currently working on a project regarding DWA species of snake skin sheds, i have only currently have a small rattle snake one, the main most important one i am needing is that of the black mamba, but would also love a forest cobra, king cobra and...
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    In September 2012 we are hoping to conduct the first ever traverse of the lost forest of Mt Mabu in Mozambique. It is the largest area of rainforest in Southern Africa which was only re-discovered in 2005 by scientists from Kew Gardens in London. The scientists found there what they believed...
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    In kill bill vol.2 'budd' gets bitten by a black mamba, but they can't obviously use a real black mamba in a filming location, so any ideas as to what it could of been?
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    Hello All, when i have Joined this forum, I had no interest in snakes but after that a little bit interest in my mind grow up about snakes. I have listened about black mamba but I never seen it. If you have snaps of Black mamba Please send me in my PM box or in replies.
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    Programme about the Black mamba on at 5pm today on Eden. Looks good. :2thumb:
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    Hello All, The Indian River Reptile Zoo now has an exciting new series on the safe handling of venomous reptiles. We would like to encourage all keepers (hot or not) to watch these episodes. There will be new episodes released often. In this series we will be covering all aspects of keeping...
1-7 of 7 Results