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black tree monitor lizard
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    I have genuine reasons for letting this go. It was born oct14 it is coming along nicely. It has an exoterra tank with it all fully set up. It will need an upgrade soon. It eats sheds and poos normal. Will eat from tweasers if you go very slowly towards it. Any questions please ask.
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    Cf as far as I now , proper little character , when he's got used to you . Eats sheds poos fine , I've had him about a year , any othe questions pls ask .
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    Hey guys after a trip to Newquay Zoo i rather fell in love with the black tree monitor they had there... after a day of reading ive found they are pretty advanced to keep with humidity etc but nothing im not currently running with my other pets. I can easily afford to maintain and set one up...
1-3 of 3 Results