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blairs grey banded
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    Looking for an adult FEMALE Grey Banded King Snake , preferably Blairs phase , but alterna considered , NO HYBRIDS please . Please PM or e-mail [email protected] (with pics if possible ) with what you have and price, thanks.
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    As title says , will travel to collect , NO hybrids please Blairs phase preferred , but Alterna considered , please PM or phone 07777 606600 , with what you have , thanks
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    our Blairs grey banded kingsnake named titus that we got today!:) i got a corn snake a few weeks ago which was my first reptile and my bf fell in love with it so did some research on the internet and really wanted a blair grey banded kingsnake. We went into our local reptile shop today just to...
1-3 of 3 Results