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  1. Snake Classifieds
    Hi there looking for a blizzard corn snake. male or female. distance not a problem if you are happy to courier at my arrangement, cheers!
  2. Snake Classifieds
    CB11 Blizzard Corn Snake Female £90 Feeds weekly on XL mice
  3. Snake Classifieds
    Female bredli aprox 5-6 ft eats medium rats does everything she should £100 ono adult male, proven, pewter het amel. eats adult mice £30 Believed to be female (not 100% sure) caramot 190g eats med/large mice £30 Believed to be female (not 100% sure) opal 190g eats med/large...
  4. Snake Classifieds
    Searching for a blizzard corn snake, preferably an adult if possible though gender doesn't matter. Based in central Scotland but I'm willing to travel out a bit to pick up. Currently not got a setup ready, waiting to see if there are any blizzards available first (or find out roughly when some...
  5. Snake Classifieds
    Need to find a true Blizzard corn for my son's Birthday, he has 3 corns and is desperately searching but reptile centres just keep telling him he may as well have a snow corn. Must be genuine blizzard! The corns he has are approx. 50 cm long, would be nice if I could find one around the same...
  6. Snake Classifieds
    Looking for an adult or sub adult Blizzard corn.Not too bothered if male or Female as long as it is 100% sexed, would even consider hatchling at a push
  7. Snake Classifieds
    Wanted I'm on the Wirral :) £30-40 don't need a viv. Can drive to collect. Gender not important but temperement is (Wanted only as a pet). Would consider swap for my 1 1/2 foot Cali king (Trying to tame him down but still very bitey).
  8. Snake Classifieds
    decided to sell up my remaining cornsnakes, these coming on very nicely sub adults, pair unrelated blizzards, beautiful snakes, £120 pair, trio, caramel motley male, bright green, best corn i seen anywhere, ghost stripe female, and normal motley stripe het lavander female, this trio will...
  9. Snake Pictures
    I picked up my beautiful new sunglow male from Guy (South West Boids) yesterday and he's beautiful, we couldn't be any happier with him. We've named him Caesar :2thumb: He shed last night so I thought I'd take some pictures of him :) I'll post more pictures of him as he grows :)...
  10. Snakes
    hey people i recently bought a blizzard morph corn thinking about breeding her but don't know what sort of morph someone has already said bred her with another blizzard cause there not that common anyone ever breed blizzards with other morphs ???? what did you get ???? give me some ideas...
  11. Snake Pictures
    I've never been able to get a decent picture of Olivia (these still arent great) but here she is :) Tbh, I think she's a little on the small side, she's a late 09. She won't stay still enough for me to measure her. She will devour anything. I've never known a snake to have an appetite like...
  12. Snake Classifieds
    Only for sale as the space is needed These are the final reductions I don't want them all to go but thought I would pop them all on as I really need 4/5 to be rehomed female loves okettee £20 male Blizzard £30 Male plasma £70 male caramel het amel £25 female anery pos het motley £10 female...
  13. Snake Classifieds
    I have a few corns for sale, They were bought to breed but the morphs I will be breeding have changed and I am also having space issues I have male 10 Plasma male 09 Blizzard Female 10 Normal het amel male 10 caramel het amel female 09 Loves Okettee female 10 anery Most are good to handle...
  14. Snake Pictures
    Ivory my blizzard aged one year.:flrt:
  15. Snakes
    many blizzard corns around? Suprised these little stunners aren't more popular! Wondering what people's thoughts are on them seeing as not many people have them or sell them :P
1-16 of 16 Results