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    Special offer for SEAS Show in Ashford/Kent, 27.01.2019: Spiderlings: Acanthoscurria geniculata, CB 07/18, £4 Ami sp. Chicá, CB 07/18, £12 Ami sp. Panama, CB 11/18, £12 Aphonopelma crinirufum, CB 01/18, £8 Aphonopelma seemanni (Nicaragua), CB 03/17, £8 Avicularia geroldi, CB 10/18, £10...
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    Hello. Because of a family problem I have to sell this lovely spiders. T. blondi sub male moulted long time ago. £60 posted P. machalla 5y old XXL female ready for pairing. £50 posted C. sp electric blue semi-sub female £180 posted M. robustum sub female (moulted 2-3 weeks ago, -1leg) £45...
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    Hi guys. Posts to UK only! 0.3 T. blondi juvenile 400GBP for the 3. 0.2 P. dominican purple adult female. XL size 160GBP for the 2. I try to make some nice pics but better you pm for pics or special offer.
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    Hello, 1.4 T. blondi for sales. So 1 male, 4 female Juvenile females. The male is bigger but just slow him down and will be fine. Only money, no trade, no time wasters, price is fix I sell them only together! Im not going to the SEAS. RMSD £10 or collection (Stoke-on-Trent) PRICE: £ 1200
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    As above, I have the following for sale... 1 x Juv Female Theraphosa Blondi - £130 1 x Grown on sling Theraphosa Stirmi - £40 2 x Sling Avicularia Versicolor (LF and Normal) £15 LF & £12 Normal 1 x Poeciletheria Smithi sling - £8 1 x Grammostola Pulchra sling - £20 1 x Juv Male Subfusca (HL) -...
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    Hello, here's our offer for the BTS (22nd May) - personal picking up, no shipping. 0.0.22 Acanthoscurria geniculata 1cm body £5/piece 0.0.11 Acanthoscurria geniculata 2-2,5cm body £10/piece 0.0.4 Acanthoscurria geniculata 3cm body £12/piece 0.0.14 Avicularia braunshauseni 1,5-2cm body...
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    Theraphosa blondi 7"+ Juvie male £75 Pick up ONLY from SEAS Actual spider for sale
  8. Spider and Invert Pictures
    hello I weighed my T Blondi today, she came to around 260-70 grams :)
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    Theraphosa Blondi Juvenile for sale, as I already have 4 and want to slim down a little. Not had much luck sexing, but I think its most likely a male, but I am not 100% sure. Would prefer collection in Exeter, devon, but can ship using Parcel force next day before noon, and will be shipped in...
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    I know it's a long shot as they are gold dust, but I have been looking for a sub adult / adult female T.blondi for over a year to no avail..if someone is willing to part with theirs let me know money sitting waiting.. : victory:
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    Hello! I am selling my female Theraphosa Blondi She's easily 12 cms and has molted twice in my care with no problems. £140 (includes RMSD and heatpack) will only ship on certain days due to weather changes. Thanks, Ellen
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    Here are some T's i have for sale, Sexed where stated and sizes are DLS. Postage by RMSD for £8 or collection from B31 Payment with Paypal,bank transfer or cash on collection. PM any questions please and photos on request. Females Acanthoscurria Geniculata 15cm £40 Brachypelma Albopilosum 12cm...
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    SAF 6 " Theraphosa Blondi With setup enclosure and stand £180 Collection from B27 area birmingham. Or £168 posted for the T blondi on it's own. Can send picture's via email or mobile of the enclosure and stand.
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    Goliath Birdeater Sling (3rd skin). True T_blondi, very good eater and will go in its current 'living quarters' (plastic tub and small hide). Size 3-4 cm length. Collection only! (or I can deliver if close enough to Dundee / Aberdeen area) Thanks!
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    A few for sale, Sold unsexed unless stated and measurements are DLS in centimetres Paypal, bank transfer or cash on collection from B31. P&P £8 RMSD Pics are available on request, let me know your email to send them to. NO TRADES AF P.metallica £120 AF C.Hati Hati £110 P.hanumavilasumica M...
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    For sale 10 inch adult female theraphosa blondi £200 Collection only from Leicestershire
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    4 x Theraphosa blondi for sale 2inch £60ea RMSD £8 or buyer to collect Any questions please ask
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    Hello and happy new year to all spider friends :-) This is my stocklist for the SEAS (Ashford, january 26th), where I will share a stall with Michael Scheller. Please note, all sizes are BODYLENGTH in centimeter, not legspan. Discounts: from GBP 100.00 = 10% / from GBP 200.00 = 15% Any...
1-19 of 70 Results