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blood pythons
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    2015 Matrix 50% het T+ albino Feeding well on med mice / sw rats all doing what they should, priced at 1.0 £250 0.1 £---- 1.1 £450 pics are on the web site as well as a few other blood morphs
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    Female Ivory blood 2014 £300 Adult pair t+ bloods £350 pair
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    Hi all the bloods are on DF mice and are growing like weeds are easy to handle. p.brongersmai 2015 1.0 ivory (super matrix) 50% het T+ cherry bomb £400 2.2 matrix 50% het T+ cherry bomb £200/£250 or £420 1.1 1.0 BPUK genetic stripe poss super stripe £400 p breitensteini VPI super stripe 66% het...
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    Right, here we go all have now been sexed And are now ready to be released into general population haha. These are probably the best clutch I could have hoped for FULL STOP. 10 eggs 3 slugs 10 t+'s hatched flawlessly, all 10 struck fed first feed and haven't missed a feed and it now turns out...
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    Hi all my first 2015 blood pythons should be out in just under a week:2thumb: im hopping to have Normal Bangka Island Stripes Matrix Ivorys Matrix Genetic stripes (BPUK line) VPI Super stripes VPI Ultras VPI Super stripe VPI Ultras Super Ultras (BPUK line) Super Duper Ultras (BPUK...
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    Hi all im selling a few proven royal morphs and 2015s all snakes eating DF rats unless stated and doing what they should. ALL females Proven Mojave Female Laid 12/3/15 1325g £140 Proven Pinstripe Female Laid 20/6/15 1265g £140 Proven Yellow Belly Female 1 Laid 2014 1531g £180 Proven Pastel...
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    2014 matrix ( breed 2 matrix together to get ivories ) p.brongersmai blood pythons feeding but want them to have a few more feeds be for they go to new homes. 1.0 £350 0.1 £450 1.1 £700 07760457907
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    Please could somebody post a link to a RUB suitible for a royal python? Also one for a blood python Thanks
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    with regret I am having to let these two go, I need to streamline my collection....both have good temperaments, but do need to be made aware they are not being fed before going to pick them up....stunning examples and still getting darker! feed great on medium rats....£250 the pair! (bargain!!)...
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    1.0 Adult 0.1 Sub-adult Need these two out as I need urgent space. More experienced owners only as like some bloods they don't like being handled much, shame as they are beautiful animals Have uploaded some pics. Pics on couch and viv is the male. Rest female. Thanks for looking
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    the remainding of my bloods are a pair of t+ albinos and a female super ultra they are stunning looking snakes and are growing well be a great project for someone photos are below with weights in photos willing to do a payment plan but a deposit must be given to secure animals female male...
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    for sale female super ultra blood python - photos in previous post but grown on since then pair of albino + blood pythons colors really brightening photos on previous post but have grown and brightened £1500 o.n.o the group pyle
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    My last 2 brongersmai blood python hatchlings for sale bred by myself , please no time wasters £20 deposit to hold 100 each or 180 for the pair , can courier at your expense , read other thread everyone very happy with the other baby's . Eating pooping shedding ect male 1st female 2nd Poss...
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    for sale are my blood python morphs collection i receintly accuried this collection but decided that bloods just aint for me , the collection includes the following x1 pair of t negative albinos 2011 -2000.00 the pair will not split x1 pair of t possitive albinos 2011- 500.00 the pair wont...
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    My two blood boys, I will do a thread with the girls in some other time :2thumb: Dexter: Dokes: and my OH with him, hes so tame its unreal haha :2thumb:
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    female ultra 822g 2011 male ultra 1090g 2011 female super stripe 569g 2011 the pair of ultras are £700 the pair the super stripe £600 collection from junction 37 off m4
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    x1 pair of t possitive albinos 2011- 800.00 the pair wont split x1 pair of ultras 2011-800.00 the pair will not split x1 female super stripe - 900.00 x1 female super ultra - 1000.00 photos on previous add may trade or part x on double or more gene royals or other smaller snakes eg: woma...
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    Im looking for a female ADULT blood python. She must be tame and either: Borneo blood Python breitensteini OR Black Blood Python curtus She MUST BE OF BREEDING WEIGHT as id like to pair with my adult black blood Dokes. I have cash waiting and am willing to pay a decent amount for the right...
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    hoping this pair does a nice thing for me, aiming for the reds and pinks of the bangka but in a t negative albino animal. candycane bloods!!! bangka het t negative albino girl bangka het t negative albino male
1-19 of 51 Results