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blood pythons
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    Hi I`m wonderin if someone could help me out... I have a baby blood (roughly over a year), and he`s got a few concerns 1-He is a VERY reluctant feeder certainly not on an even weekly basis, and won`t eat unless you leave it warmed, in his cage, right in front of his face in the dark. IF he eats...
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    Hi Guys for Sale Two Albino Nelsons Milk Snakes male and Female £80 pounds each or £150 the pair with rubs and heat mats 2011 Two Blood Pythons 2011 100% het hypo 1 male 1 female £175 each or £300 the pair again rubs and heat mats 1 Peter Kahl Albino Boa female 2012 £250 1 Female Boa 6ft...
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    Hi need some advice on this snake, one shop is saying one thing and another is saying the opposite. I would love have one but, How big do they get? One shop said 15 foot, and as fat as a pig Are they naturally aggressive? The same shop had a small black blood and wouldn t even touch it. And any...
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    Hi all Blood pythons, do they have to be big fat snakes, and are they aggressive? We at blood pythons UK (Tom, me) get asked how big do blood pythons get? I keep our bloods small as possible, males of all 3 species will stay about the same size as each other (same size as female royals ) and...
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    When will people start having blood python hatchlings this year?
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    I have a pair of black blood pythons, both in good health and both feed well. these animals must go so willing to take offers, photos available on request can send via phone, i have had them for almost two years now and they were bery young when we bought them. please contact me via phone...
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    Both 3ft in length male is very docile female is a bit grumpy I can't upload pics at the moment but I can e-mail pics if your interested £250 for the pair Ono
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    CB 2011 NERD Line Super-Stripe Borneo Bloods (P breitensteini) These are my latest hatchlings produced at Blood Pythons UK. They are the first time Genetic Super-stripe breitensteini have been produced in the UK. Taking small mice. Available Now, Please Enquire For Prices full picks on...
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    hi there is anybody taking any bloods pythons to the show on the 23 october for sale,would be very interested in a red female blood 2 year old or more ,striped,t+ bloods,can be cb1 cheers karl also pics and price would be nice
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    Hi has anyone got any of these for sale? let me know what youve got! thanks chris
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    whos going to be the first to produce these? or have they already been? : victory:
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    hi seen some stunning blood pythons and would like advice off anyone who owns or has had these e.g. housing handling temprements etc thanks
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    2011 hatched feeding on med mice pics of individuals on the web £300 a pair with paper work
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    UK line super ultra breits (world first for uk line visual to visual) this is line produces almost patternless snakes. this is a different line to vpi super stripe brongersmai (new proven line) super stripe breitensteini ( uk first) cooking 100%het T+ albinos bangkas island bloods see web...
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    hi to you all, thought i would share some of the morphs im producing this year. the list is: Python breitensteini visual uk line ultra breit X uk line ultra breit (visual to visual has ever been done before with this line) eggs cooking NERD super stripe X super stripe ( this is the first...
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    Genetic striped (co dom) brongersmai bloods 2010 breed by me,hatched 5/8/10 growing like weeds, eating small weener rats 1.2 available £500 for 1.2 may swop for royal morphs 07760457907 the sire was
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    Male for sale with female given for free - see below for reeason. This would be a fantastic project for someone, the male is a CB09 T+ Albino - fantastic health and a great tempermant The female is a CF08 Peech phase, The female went off her food around a year ago for 9 months and lost some...
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    just received my new T+ albino blood python female, shes in tip top shape and is absolutely stunning, id recommend buying from bloodball to anyone looking for a nice blood python...
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    i have been giving some thought to breeding my spider ball python with my mates blood python. but i wanna know what people think about cross breeding snakes is it an accepted thing in this day and age or is it wrong to dilute the blood lines i know some people do cross breed and others are...
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    for sale an unproven breeding pair of blood pythons. This would be a fantastic project for someone, the male is a CB09 T+ Albino - fantastic health and a great tempermant The female is a CF08 Peech phase, again is fantastic health - -though has been off her food the past 3 weeks (nothing...
21-40 of 51 Results