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    Hatched this one from a batik het t+ to a normal het t+ breeding
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    Male for my keeper t+ female, see my other topic
  3. Snakes
    Great colors on this female
  4. Snakes
    I have a question about the breeding of my brongersmai. I've put the pair together from half january till half march, each time for a few days, and have witnessed copulations a few times. The female went, in what I hoped was a pre laying shed, and shed a week ago. This weekend I've offered her a...
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    Am I missing something? I can't find any Blood threads on here other than one that's last post was in 2010!? Surely there is at least one active thread?!:lol2:
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    I have a male bloodpython 100% het. albino 2009 for sale. Bred by Thomas Rademacher. I had already a male and wanted to buy a female but Thomas only wanted to sell me a pair. So, now I have a male I don't realy need. Will become a very nice animal with a nice stripe on his back. I can bring him...
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    Re post due to too many bumps lol. I have decided to sell this guy he has a lovely docile temperament bit hissy when in the viv but no problem out. He feeds well but takes time to take his food (due to his laid back approach lol) i have realised that this may be due to the fact i was feeding him...
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    I picked up those guys in Hamm yesterday, 100% T+ albino
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    Want the advise of bloodpython owners. Do you think the following animals will turn into nice red animals? And which animals would you choose, 1 male and 1 female to choose? female 1 female 2 male 1 male 2
1-9 of 9 Results