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blue tongue bts lizard
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    Hi there, looking for a blue tongue skink of any age. Must be Northern! I know they're being born around now so just putting a post up in search of any potential clutches being born soon or already, thanks :) In Scotland, but willing to travel if not too crazy of a distance, or will pay for...
  2. Lizards
    Hii : victory: I recently decided to buy a blue tongue skink because they look so cute. this will be my first reptile I REALLY CANT WAIT. I've been researching a lot but I still have some questions. 1) Which setup is better should I get a tube light that has UV and use a heat matt as well...
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    Lovely 5yr old BTS...CALLED BRUCE...... Comes with his 4x2x2 beach vivarium with is in immaculate condition... His viv is fitted with Habistat digital dimming thermostat with day and night functions+times........Habistat 100w ceramic heater bulb......3ft nearly new uv spare...
1-3 of 4 Results