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    I have for swap a female 09 dumerils boa with all CITIES paperwork I also have an 09 female bci Im lookin for 2010 boas pref pastels/hypo may consider normals but obviously would need other things with this in order to make up the price of a dumeril would consider 2 normals or more...
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    our current stocklist as of today. loads of new stock due in this week so watch out for updates snakes Boas female bolivian short tailed boas adults 1 left was £275 OFFER £249 adult pair amazon tree boas male £89.99, female £139.99 or pair for £199.99, proven pair 09 various hypo boas poss...
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    Just a quick one ( I hope ) What's the difference between a BCI and a BCC ? I have 3 x BCI's and an unknown - how do I tell what the unknown one is? Cheers, Volly
1-3 of 3 Results